Hertz offers a greater charging station network in London

EV Rentals Help Drive Electric Car Introduction

The Hertz Corporation is working with Source London's electric vehicle, EV charging network in order to facilitate electric car rentals and increase range.

Hertz customers will have access to wide range charging network as well as support London's vision of becoming the electric capital of Europe. Hertz is working hard to provide free access to Source London's network to their customers, and by using their Hertz On Demand car share EVs, the company will promote Source London at its London EV rental locations.

As with many rental companies, the race is on to reinvent and invigorate a market that can quickly stagnate. Bringing in new and exciting cars is key to the survival of rental companies. EVs and plug-in hybrids, PHEV offer a way to freshen up a rental car’s image while providing an efficient and cost effective mode of transportation to clients. Hertz's has made a strong and lasting commitment to sustainable motoring over the past years by offering electric cars. As the first global rental car company to provide EVs and PHEVs across three continents, it strives to offer the most diverse and complete range of electric cars. With its 'Living Journey' program launched, the global sustainability strategy is the core idea behind its rental business. Hertz wants to make sure you don’t think of it as just another rental car company but one active in sustainable transportation.

With 7,000 Opel Ampera ordered in Europe, some of which will make their way to Hertz, the company also recently announced a range of agreements to expand its fleet of electric cars and vans. So far in the UK alone, Hertz operates 16 Source London funded charging points at six locations across the Greater London including Heathrow and London City Airport.

Fleet owners are great outlets to educate potential owners on the benefits of electric cars. They are a quick and convenient way for undecided EV buyers to try out an electric car with no strings attached. EVs make the best choice for inner city drive and light suburban use. In the Los Angeles area, a mile driven with a gasoline car will cost around 20 to 30 cents, while an electric car will cost 6 to 10, depending on your charging strategy. It’s hard to beat these electricity numbers when the average gasoline gallon price hovers at $4.50. Car rental is still the best and most unique way to familiarize potential buyers with electric and plug-in hybrids. As more and more drivers understand their driving patterns are less than 50 miles a day, owning an electric car for pennies on the mile during the week makes sense. After all, you can always rent a regular gasoline car for longer trips and foregoing maintenance and insurance.

With Hertz driving the early EV rental adoption charge, this can only mean good news to car makers still gauging whether or not the electric drive makes sense for them. As for 80% of us, our daily commute can be satisfied with almost any EV. In the meantime, we can only congratulate Hertz for working closely with Source London's charging network and offering electric cars to the public.

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