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Craig Bramscher Shares His Electric Motorcycle Brammo Success

I had an interesting chat with Craig Bramscher, CEO of Brammo in order to understand how far the company has come, the current race results and what the future holds in store for the electric motorcycle maker.

NZ. Brammo has been around for a while now, how do you reflect on the past few years?

CB. We are a premium brand without compromise, and from the beginning we’ve prided ourselves in listening to customers and anticipating market developments. Not many people know that we actually evolved from a gas-powered bike brand into a top electric motorcycle maker in less than 10 years. Our distinctive battery technology has helped us excel, and recent reviews of our Empulse R demonstrate the solid final results of our hard work over the past few years.

The lightweight, energy dense battery technology for Brammo motorcycles is patented for six speed integration with our motors, making the riding experience unique and appealing to even gas-guzzling riders. The battery system has been further developed through our racing efforts with Team Icon Brammo, including riders Steve Atlas and Eric Bostrom. The team has been crushing the competition in electric vehicle races such as TTXGP throughout the U.S. this year.

We’ve already grown exponentially thanks to these battery technology advancements and other factors, but we’re continuing to grow in terms of company size and location. Polaris, a recognized leader in the powersports industry, has been a great strategic partner for us. Next year we will relocate a few miles up the valley – where we will be ‘recycling’ a former retail store into our new 100,000 sq ft company headquarters and production facility.

NZ. This year was a tough for you racing. Broken wrists, plenty of competition. How did you do it?

CB. Hard work and perseverance!

NZ. Coming up on the Daytona race, it seems this might be the greatest test yet with an international tough crowd. How do you guys feels about it?

CB. We’re feeling really confident going into our race at Daytona. As you know, Eric Bostrom recently joined Team Icon Brammo. Between his extensive racing skills and Steve’s experience with the Brammo bikes, we’ve got an incredibly solid team.

Eric recently managed to log a record lap of 1:38.4 at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah at the TTXGP North American Championship race this month, which was quicker than all the 2012 superbikes tested at the track months earlier by CycleWorld magazine. Steve took the Rider's Championship title at the same race. Overall, our riders have been excelling, and our bikes have been performing. While the Daytona competitors might be our greatest test yet, we enjoy racing and of course winning is always our primary goal.

NZ. Lastly, tell us a little about your race efforts and how relevant is it to your street bikes?

CB. Our race efforts flow directly back to improving the technology installed in all Brammo motorcycles. Racing enables Brammo to accelerate both innovation and the subsequent development of durable and reliable systems for commercial use.

NZ. Anything else, such as future hints, etc?

CB. We will continue to expand our dealer network and build out our manufacturing capability. We have an exciting strategic partnership with Polaris Industries, which over time will create opportunities to integrate Brammo Electric Vehicle (EV) drivetrain technology into multiple Powersports platforms. – so the possibilities are literally endless and the potential unlimited!

Brammo has been riding a wave of continued success, both on the race track and with the budding electric motorcycle market. The company has come a long way from where I saw it a few years ago showing its electric Brammo motorcycle that took more than one person by surprise a the Santa Monica AltCar Expo.