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Some of the best Hybrids of 2012: cars you will like

Ever wonder which hybrid is the best for 2012? Let's do a definition.

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First things come first. How do we define the best hybrids? Frugality, comfort, style and affordability are all at play here. They may be all in one package.

The best place is to start with the heavy hitters Toyota and Honda. Then we will cover the rest until we get to the more exotic ones.

Obviously the list is long, and certainly not exhaustive. If we were to base our Best Hybrid of 2012 on price and gas mileage alone, the Honda Civic, followed by the Toyota Prius lead the race. If we base it on choice, Lexus has 5 hybrids in almost every segment possible, as well as price range. If a certain level of refinement and character is what you are looking for, BMW and Lexus will have you covered. If a sporty look is what you are after, the Honda CR-Z has your number.

Some of The Best Hybrid Cars of 2012

For 2012, we have on top of the list the unavoidable Toyota Prius, which gets you 51 city and 48 hwy MPG for $21,000 while the Prius V gives you 44 city and 40 hwy MPG for $26,400. The Camry Hybrid gives you 43 city and 39 hwy mpg for a base price of $28,160. On the bigger size, the Highlander Hybrid gets 27 city and 25 hwy MPG for $34,900.

Honda has the Insight, the and CR-Z. The Civic gets you 44 city and hwy MPG for $24,050. The CR-Z gives you 35 city and 39 hwy MPG for $19,995. The reviewed 2012 Insight gives you 40 city and 43 hwy MPG for $18,200.

BMW offers an Activehybrid 7 with 17 city and 24 hwy MPG $97,000.

Chevrolet has the Malibu with 22 city and 30 hwy MPG for $21,825. I’m not taking the plug-in hybrid Volt under the hybrid category.

Ford has a Fusion Hybrid touting 41 in the city and 36 on highways MPG all for $28,700.

Hyundai has its Sonata Hybrid which sports 35 city and 40 hwy MPG for $25,795.

Kia’s Optima Hybrid sports similar performance with 35 city and 40 hwy MPG for $26,500.

Lexus has an impressive array of hybrids, a CT 200h with 43 city and 40 hwy MPG for $29,120, basically a Lexus Prius. The GS 450h gets 22 city and 25 hwy MPG for $57,450. The HS 250h, 35 city and 34 hwy MPG for $34,650. The LS 600h, 19 city and 23 hwy MPG for $108,800, while the RX 450h gets you 30 city and 28 hwy MPG for $42,685.

Ultimately, the best Hybrid of 2012 is the one you like. The hybrid that makes you feel good, whether its looks is what draws you to it, its gas mileage, or its price, is the one that entices you to buy and drive it. Which one wins your award?

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