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AeroVironment Dealer Program Takes Care of Permits, Charging Stations and More

AeroVironment is unveiling a car dealerships training designed to ease the installation, financing of charging stations with a 24 hour, 7 days a week warranty. The streamlined process makes it easier to own an electric vehicles.

AeroVironment’s Electric Vehicle Dealer Program (EVDP) will help dealers package the best home charger for its electric vehicle buyers, but the program goes further. AeroVironment goes even further with taking care of the installation and matching the warranty to the vehicle sold. We are far away form a few years ago when buying an electric vehicle (EV) was a difficult task involving dealing separately with buying a charging station, finding a certified electrician, and local permits. These days the procedure has been eased thanks to companies such as AeroVironment.

AeroVironment Eases Plug-In Vehicles Charging. EV and plug-in hybrid, PHEV drivers can now easily finance their home chargers and installation with AeroVironment. The company’s Finance and Investment (F&I) package includes a turnkey charging station solution for home owners’ charging needs. If you are in Orlando, Folorida at the moment, you can go see AeroVironment at the National Automotive Dealers Association Convention and Expo in booth #3953 this week.

AeroVironment’s Level 2 chargers, such as the EVSE-RS Level 2 is a 240 Volt system for residential use that cuts down charge time by more than half from Level 1. The company is now offering dealers an extensive training program designed to help them offer the right solutions for their EV and PHEV clientele. Dealers can now offer various warranty options that match the financing terms of the vehicle. Chargers bought through the dealer program are installed by a licensed electrician certified in EV charging installation along with local permits. If needed, AeroVironment also provides at-home, in-person support.

This is an interview I had with Tom Carney, Director of Automotive Sales on the specifics.

NZ - Tom, tell us why facilitating the integration of a charging station and installation for electric vehicle drivers is important?

TC - A new EV or PHEV driver needs to be able to recharge at home with a charging station. All of this needs to be packaged within four days. Our installation network spreads out through 50 states with license professionals. We have streamlined the process, simplified it, and make sure the hardware is properly installed with a 24 hour, 7 day warranty that will bring you a technician at home within one business day. We provide dealers with one on one training that includes bringing them up to speed on their city’s specific permits.

NZ - As the electric vehicle industry matures, charging stations are becoming more an integrated solution with electric vehicle makers. Are you working with carmakers?

TC - Charging stations are crucial and not the first thing on people’s minds. For instance, the Marriott Resort installing charging stations everywhere is important and sends the message that hotels are rolling out charging stations, thus shrinking range anxiety.

NZ - What is currently the biggest hurdle when it comes to owning an electric vehicle in your eyes?

TC - Dealers education is important, but consumers are still bombarded with range anxiety. It is important to get consumers comfortable to drive it home, plug at night, and charge 3.5 hours in the comfort of their homes. We are working actively with Nissan on fast DC charger. Many consumer realize they can drive by a Nissan dealership and have an 80% charge in 20 minutes. In essence, we are appealing to consumer by making financing easier.

NZ - How do carmakers see charging station manufacturers?

TC - As we work more with OEM, such as Nissan, BMW, Mitsubishi, we come in to simplify the financing process through our F&I office where everything is contracted. We can then take care of the installation and the charger is matched to car’s warranty. In other words, in two to three minutes we can have city permits and still offer a three to six year warranty, which is invoiced to the dealer.

AeroVironment is doing a great job facilitating the entire electric car home charging experience by making it easier to purchase the right charger for an EV or PHEV, matching its warranty to the vehicle and taking care of installation and permits, all of this with a mobile charger. Its 24 hour and 7 day warranty service guarantees a technician to your home. AeroVironment is making it easier than ever owning an electric vehicle.