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Kohl's Department Stores expanding electric car charging stations to 14 states

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As part of Kohl's sustainability effort, the company is adding 36 new electric car charging stations to 18 stores over the next few months, in order to assess the impact of charging stations.

Kohl's Department Stores announced today plans to increase the number of stores with electric car charging stations, adding 36 new charging stations at 18 Kohl's locations by the end of the Fall 2012. The expansion will make for 101 electric car charging stations installed at 52 Kohl's locations in 14 states across the U.S.

The charging stations are being done in partnership with either Duke Energy, ECOtality, or ChargePoint. Depending on the partnership arrangement, customers must either use a card for the corresponding membership network, or a phone call to Kohl's customer service desk.

The charging stations will display information about the company's sustainability efforts, including the growing number of LEED-certified Kohl's stores.

Kohl's says the charging stations will be available at least through December 31, 2013 after which the company will assess the impact and assess opportunities to expand the effort.

A portion of the installation and equipment cost is covered by the U.S. Department of Energy as Kohl's is a participant in ECOtality pilot programs through the DOE.

It's widely thought that adding an electric car charging station to a store will provide a range of benefits, such as lengthening the "dwell time" of customers whose cars are charging. Longer stays in the store tends to mean more sales.

The charging station initiative is part of Kohl's effort to be "a leading environmentally responsible retailer through strategies including waste reduction and recycling, environmentally responsible building design and operation, use and support of renewable energy, energy efficiency initiatives, supply chain sustainability efforts and stakeholder engagement." The company has 704 ENERGY STAR-labeled stores, 123 activated solar sites, #1 retailer for green power purchases, #2 overall and #12 for on-site generation, and 100% of all power used by Kohl's comes from renewable energy sources.

“Since Kohl’s EV charging station initiative began in December 2011, it has received extremely positive feedback from our customers who are excited about the added convenience,” said John Worthington, Kohl’s chief administrative officer. “From our solar program to our green building efforts, Kohl’s has been pleased to be able to grow sustainability programs that make sense for our business, customers and communities – and our EV program is one more great example."

See: http://www.kohls.com/ and http://www.kohlsgreenscene.com/

Kohl’s Locations with Charging Stations by State

· #1267 Crete – 2 charging stations in partnership with ECOtality
· #1300 Romeoville – 2 charging stations in partnership with ECOtality
· #419 Lemont – 2 charging stations in partnership with ECOtality


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