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The EV Project offering free electric car charging stations in Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia

In its latest expansion, the EV Project public-private-partnership managed by ECOtality, is now offering free electric car charging stations in Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia.

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The EV Project, administered by ECOtality, announced today an expansion of the Project into Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta. The EV Project began in August 2009, and is a public-private-partnership tasked with building electric car charging infrastructure, and studying the usage of that infrastructure. Initially the EV Project covered 11 metropolitan areas, and has since expanded into a few more cities, with the expansion into Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta being the latest.

The EV Project provides subsidized free charging stations to individuals for use at home, or for businesses. Qualified residents of the respective metropolitan areas, who have bought either a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt, will receive a free Blink charging station and an installation credit of up to $400, subject to certain conditions.

“Now people interested in electric transportation in the Atlanta/Chicago/Philadelphia regions can join The EV Project and help us build a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations”, said Don Karner, Chief Innovation Officer of ECOtality, Inc. “By signing up for a free charger, EV owners can take part in this massive research project that can help reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil. We are excited about bringing The EV Project to the greater Atlanta/Chicago/Philadelphia regions. With the expansion of this new market, The EV project is now in nine states and 21 major metropolitan areas throughout the country.”

“The installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the metro Atlanta area supports the mission of the Clean Cities program and represents another step in the reduction of the nation’s dependency on petroleum for transportation,” said Don Francis, Executive Director of Clean Cities-Atlanta. “Clean Cities-Atlanta provides tools and resources for voluntary, community-centered programs focused on reducing the use of imported oil, developing regional economic opportunities, and improving air quality. The expansion of the EV Project into metro Atlanta will significantly impact the deployment of clean, alternative fueled electric vehicles.”

“ComEd is pleased to be a utility partner to the EV Project”, said Michael McMahan, ComEd’s vice president of Smart Grid and Technology. “The Chicago region is quickly becoming nationally recognized as a leader in the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. The EV Project complements the extensive work that ComEd has done to date in collaboration with other Illinois stakeholders to prepare the region for consumer adoption of EVs, and we look forward to supporting the EV Project.”

The EV Project is being brought to the Philadelphia region in partnership with PECO, the energy delivery company for the Greater Philadelphia Region. “PECO and ECOtality share a strong environmental commitment”, said Craig Adams, PECO president and CEO. “Locally, more and more of our customers are exploring the use of electric vehicles and investing in this technology. To support this effort, in June, we launched PECO Smart Driver Rebates. This exciting programs offers rebates and incentives for residential and business customers investing in new electric vehicle technology including a $50 rebate for residential and business customers who have purchased an electric vehicle, a $1,000 rebate per unit for our government, institutional and non-profit customers installing up to two Level 2 public chargers, and a up to a $3,000 rebate for local counties who are installing a Level 2 public charging station. And, as we continue our efforts, we also look forward to working with The EV Project to support their efforts related to electric vehicle infrastructure build-out and data collection in our region.”

Residents and commercial hosts interested in participating can sign up at or by emailing [email protected], or [email protected], or [email protected].

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