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Tesla Opens New Dealership Showroom and Service Center in Netherlands

Tesla Motors, the electric car company that makes and sells the Tesla Roadster, is expanding its international operations in the Netherlands, opening a new dealership showroom and service center in Eindhoven.

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The dealership Service Center is state-of-the-art, and the largest for the company in Europe to date.

“The new Tesla showroom and service center allow us to inform and engage more people about our exciting cars and the many advantages of going electric, and are a great platform for the Roadster and Tesla’s new premium sedan, the Model S,” commented George Blankenship, Tesla VP of Sales and Ownership Experience. “By locating in Eindhoven, an important crossroads in Europe, customers can rest assured they will be well taken care of by Tesla.”

The Tesla Showroom and Tesla Service Center in Eindhoven will make it much easier and more efficient for customers in the region and Europe to buy and get their vehicles serviced. The facilities will not just serve the Netherlands but Belgium, and Luxembourg. The company will also offer transport to and from Denmark, France and Northern Germany to customers.

The new Tesla showroom and service center increase Tesla’s ongoing commitment to the Benelux region, an area where the company's Electric Roadster has been successful. Currently there are over 100 registered Tesla vehicles in the region.

The Tesla Service Center in Eindhoven is similar to the state-of-the-art service centers located in California and London. It is spacious, with room for up to five lifts, specialized EV equipment , and a full battery service and repair facility.

To make servicing of vehicles even more efficient and easy for customers, the company has a fleet of Tesla Mobile Service Rangers. Technicians travel to customers’ homes to perform any number of services which include, annual inspections, firmware upgrades, and other services. The mobile fleet allows customers to get vehicles serviced without worrying about the hassle of having to take their vehicle anywhere.

Tesla is focusing its efforts on service and maintaining steady growth in many convenient regions for it's expanding customer base. The company plans to update and move several stores and service centers throughout Europe. This will allow Tesla to improve the customer experience for it's existing and new customer base.

Tesla has made additional international expansion plans recently as the company recently announced they will be opening a new service center and display center in Hong Kong. This is a particularly hospitable market as the Hong Kong government has made it clear that electric vehicles are a priority through tax benefits and infrastructure support.

Tesla is currently one of a handful of companies focused purely on developing and building electric vehicles. The company was started in 2003 and the name is derived from the famed electrical engineer, genius, and Edison rival, Nikola Tesla. Tesla is trying to make electric vehicles more desirable and viable for the car buying public. It controls the whole process from conception and vehicle design to customer delivery, thus creating a very high standard for product quality and customer satisfaction. Tesla has been selling the Roadster, a 2-seater supercar that can accelerate to 0-60mph in under 4 seconds, since 2008. They have built 1,800 Roadsters. Tesla will be expanding its vehicle lineup with the new Model S, the first luxury electric sedan to go on sale in the North American market. It should be available to buy sometime in mid-2012, and Europe and Asia in late 2012.

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