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BMW 3 series campaign highlights "Sporting Passion"

The new redesigned sixth generation BMW 3 Series, the company's flagship model, will have a worldwide marketing campaign centered around, “Sporting Passion.” The new campaign highlights the BMW 3 Series impressive efficiency, stunning design, and dynamic exterior body lines.

Beginning in February 2012 the worldwide campaign will be in all forms of media which include print, TV, and online. "With the campaign for the launch of the new BMW 3 Series, we have created a concept that is consistent through all the channels and offers our markets plenty of possibilities for adaptation", says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Head of BMW Brand Communication.

The print advertisements will focus on the theme of sporting passion, and will incorporate dynamic artistic approaches. The ads will humorously underline the functions of the new BMW 3 Series, with a recurring them of “Versus” using the world of sports as a backdrop. Hubertus Hamm, the German photographic artist, is part of the campaign.

The TV ads will show the BMW 3 Series in emotional situations in different sports contexts. This includes the new London Olympic Stadium along with the world-class Italian biathlete Natalie Björndalen. Billy Idol's "Dancing with myself" provides an excellent musical mood to push the ads' emotions.

Even online, the 3 Series is redefining how to advertise itself. The redesigned sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series celebrated its introduction in Munich last Friday. Normally this would have been uneventful for the general public, however anyone around the world was able to watch the presentation at the BMW plant live on Facebook.

Further, BMW is making available via its website, details about the design of the vehicle, its handling, efficiency, comfort and safety. In a BMW special, exterior and interior designers explain every facet of the vehicle. On Facebook, a potential buyer can individually configure a new BMW 3 Series in one of the three equipment lines, paint colors and wheel rim design and can view it in a 360-degree image. The configured vehicle can then be posted and shared with friends.

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