Used cars from Mexico soon will be accessible to Canadians

There are many automobiles that would be perfect for the roads in Canada; however, they have not been available for Canadians to purchase them. Things may be changing though, as the country may soon be receiving many different cars from Mexico.

A proposal called Bill S-5 may soon make it possible for Canadians to buy late model used cars from Mexico. This bill was passed in late March when the Canadian Parliament dissolved itself for the Federal Election. Canadians were always permitted to cars from other countries; however, they were never before allowed to license and register the cars in order to drive them. So, there really wasn’t any point in purchasing them in the first place. Things are now changing.

Yes, things are changing, but not so quickly. It will not be for another year or two before the bill is fully in place and Canadians are able to purchase and actually drive foreign cars in Canada. Not only does the government need to secure the regulations and protocols for Mexican used-vehicle importation, they also must make sure that any vehicles that come in from Canada are certified for Canadian safety and environmental standards.

As far as American cars in Canada – that hasn’t been an issue. Most American market automobiles already meet Canadian safety and environmental standards. A few modifications must be made in order for Canadians to drive American vehicles in Canada “legally”. These modifications include getting the the Canadian certification for the car and making sure the car has daytime running lights, metric gauges and Canadian compliant child seat latching systems; all of which are not terribly expensive to get.

As far as Mexican cars that will fit all the criteria necessary to be driven in Canada following proper protocol, eventually there will be a list published by Transport Canada. This list will mention all the Mexican market vehicles.

Canada made its decision to bring Mexican used vehicles to Canada in order to bring Canada into compliance with the automotive provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The provisions under the NAFTA require that the countries of Mexico, the United States and Canada allow used automobiles to be imported from each other’s countries. The United States and Mexico fulfilled this requirement; however, Canada has not done so yet. This is why the country worked rigorously to get it done before the election.

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