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Audi's exclusive virtual tour at 2011 Frankfurt Auto show

Audi will be at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show with its exclusive on-site Audi IAA 2011 application. This app turns your personal smartphone into your personal information portal and audio guide for the show.
Posted: September 9, 2011 - 10:56AM
Author: KC Kelly

What you’ll see at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show is an online tour consisting of a realistic display of photos and an all-encompassing plethora of information about the vehicle. You will also be afforded an exclusive branded application and mobile portal with special services for the on-site visit.

At the IAA, Audi will be providing the Audi IAA 2011 app for the iPhone, the iPod touch and all Android devices. Your smartphone will be turned into an audio guide that will bring you through the entire exhibition. The Audi IAA 2011 app will be available when the motor show opens in the Apple App Store and in the Android Market.

If you can’t wait for the Frankfurt Auto show, or you can’t make it there, you can see its “almost photorealistic quality” exhibition through a virtual tour online at Here, users can go on a virtual tour through the Audi show hall that has been set up especially for this monumental occasion.

Everything that you would see at the actual Frankfurt Auto show, you will be able to see online before the opening of the IAA. Everything, in detail, will be online, so you won’t miss a trick. You may even feel like you’re really visiting the IAA in person when you are on the online tour at

If you do get to participate in the on-site visit to Audi at the IAA, your visit will be well worth it. You Audi IAA 2011 app will turn the experience into something you won’t soon forget as the app turns your smartphone into your personal information guide sharing all important information. Press who attend the show will receive information very quickly and conveniently at the mobile portal

Then again, you can experience the virtual IAA tour from Audi at home too. The Internet makes it possible to have almost an identical experience as if you were live at the show by giving the at-home online user just about all the same possibilities and impressions, and “architectural details with almost photorealistic precision and impressive image quality” in three-dimensional way with a 360 degree view. The at-home user will be able to navigate through Audi’s exhibition in any order they would like and see all the displayed vehicles and exhibits that will actually be at the IAA show in person.

The pros of viewing online are that you can see vehicles from any perspective you choose, and you will even be able to “attend” virtually, presentations given by Audi at the IAA. You will also be able to access any information and technical data about all the Audi models at the IAA show and their technologies.