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Summer riskiest time for teen drivers

Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration remind us that summer is the busiest travel period in America. The large volume of vehicles on the road makes it one of the most dangerous times for anyone to drive, but the inexperience of younger drivers puts them especially at risk.

Summer driving can be deadly for teenagers. In 2009, about 3,000 teens in the United States aged 15-19 were killed and more than 350,000 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries suffered in car and truck crashes.

So as you and your family head out on the road this summer, plan ahead for safety. The safety administration provides motorists with these tips to stay safe as you drive:

1. Go through a vehicle safety checklist.

2. Never leave children or pets in the car.

3. Make sure to use child safety seats.

3. Pack an emergency roadside kit.

4. Stay focused.

5. Make frequent stops if traveling with children.

6. Buckle up (pictured).

7. If you are drinking, always designate a sober driver.

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Image source: Toyota