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Specialists learn to fix fire trucks

Maximizing value through preventive maintenance was the main message of note at the 17th annual Fire Truck Training Conference hosted in Michigan by Spartan Chassis, a subsidiary of Spartan Motors (Nasdaq:SPAR).

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The event was attended by 166 fire truck service personnel from the United States and Canada. The repair people received comprehensive service training in Lansing, Mich., July 31-Aug. 4. As more municipalities face budget issues, Spartan Chassis anticipates growth in the number of departments that will begin performing their own vehicle inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs, and that's why the seminars were held.

"Holding down the cost of repairs, increasing safety and minimizing equipment downtime have always been a focus, but are now major priorities for fire departments already facing intense financial pressures," said Bill Foster, co-founder and VP of Spartan Motors.

"Technology, emissions, safety standards and customization add complexity to the chassis we manufacture. Communities depend on these vehicles to keep them safe and it is vital that we offer the formal
training needed by technicians to maintain and service our products to help keep them operational."

The conference featured more than 40 seminars with a focus on basic operation and maintenance, service repair and heavy repair. Each seminar offered fire truck service personnel a comprehensive understanding, hands-on demonstrations of vehicle components and systems and preparation for Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification exams that were held during the week.

Courses were led by training specialists from Spartan Chassis and major suppliers of fire vocational equipment.

The 18th Annual Spartan Chassis Fire Truck Training Conference will be held Oct. 14-18, 2012 at the Lansing Center in Lansing.

Spartan Chassis Inc., a subsidiary of Charlotte-based Spartan Motors (Nasdaq:SPAR), is a world-class leader in the engineering, manufacturing and marketing of chassis and aftermarket parts for emergency response, recreational vehicle, defense and specialty vehicles. Spartan Motors Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures specialty chassis, specialty vehicles, truck bodies and aftermarket parts for the
recreational vehicle, emergency response, government services, defense, and delivery and service markets.

The company's brand names are Spartan, Crimson Fire, Crimson Fire Aerials and Utilimaster. Spartan employs 1,700 people at facilities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Indiana, Florida and Texas. Spartan reported sales of $481 million in 2010.

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Image source: Spartan Motors

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