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Pepsi using HydraGen to make 178 of its trucks fuel efficient

Dynamic Fuel Systems Inc. (TSX-V:DYA) has sold a large quantity of its HydraGen product to Hydrogen Fuel Systems Inc. of Michigan to equip trucks that haul Pepsi products.

Dynamic has accepted a large HydraGen order from Hydrogen Fuel Systems to equip Class 8 vehicles that are specially equipped with a number of fuel and emission reduction measures, including HydraGen. HFS said in a statement this latest order will equip 178 HydraGen-equipped vehicles operated by the Pepsi Beverages Co.

"We are delighted with the progress that HFS is making in their sales with their Class 8 Glider package and the important role that HydraGen plays in their package offering. This new order confirms increasing market acceptance of the HydraGen product as a means for corporations of all sizes to achieve their desired fuel efficiency and emission-reduction targets," said Grove Bennett, president of Dynamic.

"This commitment by HFS and Pepsi Beverages is recognition of the HydraGen value proposition. Dynamic continues to engage transportation companies and manufacturers in discussions that would dramatically increase the number and type of diesel engines that would benefit from the use of the HydraGen as a transportable hydrogen generator. We continue to invest in research and development and testing initiatives."

A statement says this about the company:

Dynamic Fuel Systems Inc. is an Oshawa, Ontario-based energy company that sells, manufactures, distributes, installs and distributes a transportable hydrogen generator aftermarket product targeted for use in the heavy tractor-trailer industry. HydraGen is a patent-pending aftermarket retrofit solution that provides performance enhancement by mixing hydrogen into a vehicle's intake air resulting in greater fuel efficiency supporting on- and off-road industries. The scientific and product development of the HydraGen is consistent with the corporation's ongoing commitment and dedication to improve the company's current and future product offerings. Its business was founded in 2001.

The corporation's emphasis during the ongoing field trials to date was focused on delivering a HydraGen product that will survive the
rigors of the transportation industry and to provide a reliable, sustainable and robust product to our end customers. The positive results
of the on-going trials have permitted the corporation to begin the commercialization of the HydraGen product.

Applications of our new technology are scheduled to commence testing on large diesel engines such as railroad, ocean, transit and equipment
used in the oil and gas industries. This testing will provide an increased database of diesel engine types and provide a design reference for application of the HydraGen product for those specific applications.

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Image source: Pepsi