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Environmentalists back President Obama's fuel plan for buses, trucks

Reaction has been positive to President Obama's 2014 fuel-efficiency standards for tractors, semis and work trucks.


The president's National Heavy Duty Program will save Americans $35 billion in fuel costs, slice almost 100 million barrels of oil consumption annually by 2030 and clear 246 million metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution from U.S. skies.

“These standards will provide welcome fuel savings, budget relief and pollution reduction to those who rely on heavy trucks to move nation’s goods and people, haul equipment on the job or tow a boat to the lake,” said Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.

“Truck manufacturers and workers, state and federal regulators and conservationists stand together behind this new rule. It shows what Americans can accomplish when we work together.”

The program will reduce fuel consumption across all types of trucks from 2014-18, this way:

1. 10% for heavy duty gas pickups.

2. 14% for heavy duty diesel pickups.

3. 7-10% for vocational vehicles such as transit buses, school buses (pictured) and delivery vans.

4. 7-20% for combination tractors / semis.

“The ... standards (including on cars) would cut 639 million metric tons of greenhouse gas pollution annually by 2030 – the equivalent of about 10 percent of America’s carbon footprint today. That’s a critical step in confronting global warming, the single biggest threat facing America’s wildlife,” said Zoe Lipman, the National Wildlife Federation’s senior manager for transportation and global warming solutions.

“The standards will also cut America’s oil consumption by 3.4 million barrels of oil every single day – more than we currently get from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Venezuela combined.”

Hawke Fracassa writes for TN from Detroit. You can reach him at [email protected].

Image source: Wikipedia.

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