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Two new Gumpert Apollo models set to debut in Geneva

When the 2012 Geneva Motor Show opens next week, the world will be introduced to two new hypercars from German sports car building Gumpert – as the new Gumpert Apollo R and the Gumpert Apollo Enraged are unveiled to the world.

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Based on what little we can see in the teaser image on the right, it looks as though we are viewing one of the new higher performance versions of the Gumpert Apollo, presumably the Apollo R or the Gumpert Enraged. You can see the wide front fenders with vents on the inside, along with the large adjustable rear spoiler, both of which are similar to features found on the Apollo S. Considering that the lettering up top has the world “discover” with a sporty letter R, we can presume that this is a tightly cropped shot of the new Gumpert Apollo R. However, the Apollo Enraged has an “R” in it as well so this new teaser could be offering a look at either of those two new models – although the Apollo R is the more likely choice based on the graphic.

Little is known about these two new hypercars but the German coachbuilder has hinted that the Gumpert Apollo R will be a “true racecar with horsepower up to 860 horsepower”. Based on that, we would expect that the R version would be a pure race version of the Apollo S...although the Apollo itself isn’t far from being a race car regardless of the trimline. Also, if you look at the trim around the teaser image – it is all carbon fiber print so perhaps the Apollo R will add more carbon fiber for a lighter curb weight in addition to the big power.

The other new Apollo headed to Geneva is the Gumpert Apollo Enraged, which is set to have a limited production run of only three units and be the "strongest Apollo that Gumpert has ever set on the road." Considering that the Apollo S offers a whopping 750 horsepower, we can expect that the Apollo Enraged would be somewhere north of that. It will be interesting to see if the Apollo Enraged will pack more power than the 860 horsepower Apollo R but if the R stands for “race model”, it may not be street legal and the Enraged is the most powerful Apollo ever “set on the road”. Perhaps the devil is in the details and the three-unit Apollo Enraged will offer a bit more than the Apollo S with some other styling cues or maybe…just maybe…the Enraged version will offer power in excess of the 860hp offered in the upcoming Apollo R.

The 2012 Geneva Motor Show is only a few days away at this point so by early next week, we should know exactly what Gumpert has planned for the future of the hypercar segment that their incredible Apollo helped start.

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