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Subaru recalls 2011 Legacy, Outback model for moon roofs blowing off

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a recall of select 2011 Subaru Legacy and Outback models stemming from a concern that the adhesive used by Subaru to hold the glass moon roof to the chassis could fail and let the glass blow off while moving.

This new Subaru recall affects 69,590 examples of the 2011 Legacy and Outback models equipped with the factory moon roof option, all of which were built between August 3rd 2010 and July 1st 2011. In these new Subaru models, it seems as though the amount and location of adhesive used to hold the moon roof glass to the rest of the assembly could fail, allowing the wind to rip the glass off of the vehicle when traveling at speed. The glass that serves as the moon roof for the 2011 Subaru Legacy and Outback is fairly heavy so to have it come flying off at highway speeds poses a serious danger to the other motorists around the driver of these 69,590 Subaru vehicles.

In addition to being a risk to other motorists, a driver who is traveling at higher speeds in their 2011 Subaru Legacy or Outback who suddenly has the moon roof glass ripped away will obviously be very distracted and this increases the likelihood of an accident. It would also make for one heck of an annoyance if you drive one of these models and you are out in inclement weather when there is suddenly a 3 foot wide hole in your roof. Imagine commuting to work on a miserable rainy day and the moon roof glass blows off – that would definitely make for a crappy start to the work day.

This new Subaru moon roof recall is expected to begin no later than October 2011 and when it does, owners of the affected models will be asked to return to their friendly neighborhood Subaru dealerships where a technician will inspect the glass assembly. If there appears to be too little adhesive or the adhesive that is there has been applied incorrectly, your Subaru dealership will either add more adhesive or replace the glass moon roof assembly.