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Porsche to take on the 2011 Detroit Auto Show with new supercar

Porsche has been absent from the Detroit Auto Show over the past few years, stating that it wasn’t an ideal audience for their vehicles but when the 2011 Detroit show begins next month, the German automaker will be back with a “spectacular” new supercar concept.

While very few details are offered, Porsche representatives have used the phrase “spectacular new concept”, to describe the new supercar concept that many people expect to be based on the Porsche 918 hybrid that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. The 918 uses a pair of electric engines that make 218hp mated to a traditional gasoline-powered V8 churning out 500 horsepower. Thanks to the addition of hybrid technology, the Porsche 918 can dash from 0-62mph (100kmh) in just 3.2 seconds and it can reach a top speed of 198mph – while offering an amazing 78mpg.

It is expected that this “spectacular” new supercar will offer styling cues from the Porsche 918 as well as possibly using the same chassis as the hybrid concept from Geneva. Although the hybrid Porsche 918 supercar has been given the greenlight for production, it is believed that this new supercar debuting at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show may use a non-hybrid drivetrain that could be sent to market more quickly, along with also offering a lower price if it does away with the hybrid portion of the 918’s drivetrain.

The only thing that we know is that the Porsche supercar concept set to debut next month at Cobo Hall in Detroit is intended to “point towards a future roadgoing model” and with the 918 on the horizon, perhaps Porsche will shock the Detroit crowd with a non-hybrid – perhaps something more similar in its styling and powertrain options to the Carrera GT? While the sports car industry has welcomed the hybrid 918 with open arms, something utilizing the construction, styling and chassis of the 918 without the added weight and expense of the hybrid components could help Porsche keep up with the supercar-building Jones’. will be in attendance at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show so bookmark the site for complete event coverage along with all of your latest automotive news from around the world!