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No New Models Coming to the Fiat Abarth Lineup

In late September, a rumor surfaced that the Abarth lineup could expand to include high performance packages for the 500L and the Panda but while speaking with Autocar, Abarth boss Marco Magnanini put those rumors to rest.

Fiat’s high performance Abarth high performance division was expected to get unique roadster and short-roof coupe versions of the Fiat 500 (based on the 2010 Abarth Speedster) along with tuned versions of the 500L and the Panda. This would introduce the Abarth name to new small car segments but Magnanini stated that those larger models would be "inconsistent with the [Abarth] brand" while also killing the rumors of a new body style Abarth model based on the current Fiat 500. That’s a bummer but at least we still get to enjoy the awesomeness that is the current Abarth 500 and 500C sold here in the US as well as the European Punto.

In an effort to douse the dreams of those Fiat fans hoping for more performance from the compact Italian brand, Marco Magnanini also told Autocar that it was unlikely that Abarth will pump in more power to the 1.4L turbocharged engine at work in the current 500, 500C and Punto. According to Magnanini, the Abarth brand prefers to have the ideal ratio of power to weight and evidently, with 178 horsepower and European trim – that is an ideal output for the spunky little Abarth vehicles. Needless to say, most American Abarth owners (and likely many European owners) believe that there could be some more power from the tiny 1.4L engine but it seems that those folks will have to continue relying on the aftermarket for more power.

There had also been rumors for some time that the Abarth brand would get its own unique vehicle that is not based on a Fiat product that would be a compact 2-seater roadster that would compete with the likes of the Lotus Elise but now that the new Alfa Romeo 4C has been introduced in the exact same form that many expected the Abarth sports car to take – those rumors suggesting a unique Abarth model were likely misdirected discussions about what ended up being the sporty little Alfa Romeo. In the long run, while a little Abarth roadster to battle the Lotus Elise would have been awesome the new Alfa Romeo 4C answers the prayers of those folks with performance that can rival some of the best small sports cars in the world.

Source: Autocar