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NHTSA launches investigation of 2006 Honda CRV over possible door fires

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has launched an investigation into the 2006 Honda CR-V due to reported fires in the driver’s door caused by an overheating window switch.

This NHTSA has opened this investigation due to three (3) reports by owners of a related situation in which the driver’s door window master switch overheated, causing a wiring fire inside of the driver’s door. According to the letter issued by the NHTSA to Honda Motor Company, the government agency will inspect the entire window assembly in the driver’s side door, including the wiring for the power locks and other windows in the vehicle.

This investigation could lead to a recall for the 2006 Honda CR-V if the NHTSA finds that the switch or wiring assembly are defective but the point of these investigations is to find out if the three reports are coincidental of if there is a problem with this window master switch across the model range.