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The new DeTomaso SLC Concept is a far cry from the Pantera

The official return of the DeTomaso brand is set for next month’s Geneva Motor Show but the reincarnated automaker has provided the world with a glimpse of their first new vehicle in decades and the modern DeTomaso Concept is nothing like the Pantera sports car that most (American) enthusiasts connect with the brand name.


As you can see in the image on the left, the new DeTomaso SLC Concept is an interesting mixture of sedan styling with the room of a smaller sport utility vehicle resulting in what the company calls a “luxury sport crossover”. Details are very limited, but various reports from around the world suggest that the new DeTomaso will be powered by a 524 horsepower V8 with the option of a 247hp turbo diesel or a 296hp V6 for those who are less concerned with high performance.

Inside, the new DeTomaso reportedly sports plenty of items borrowed from the Cadillac SRX, including the dashboard and the door panels. The Cadillac SRX is one of the bestselling crossovers in the luxury segment and with the new DeTomaso focusing on a high end luxury status, borrowing cues from the Caddy makes good sense. Based on images floating around the internet, it looks like we can expect gobs of intricately stitched leather throughout the interior and maybe even separate front and rear sound systems. Of course, luxury comes with a price and reportedly, that price could be around $115,000.

DeTomaso is best known in the US for the Ford-powered Pantera – a sleek, angular supercar with a rear engine configuration. The Pantera was a supercar in its day and when rumors began to swirl about the return of the DeTomaso brand, many expected (and hoped) that we would receive a new version of the car that was so awesome, even Elvis Presley drove one. However, the ever-so-popular rumormill suggests that the company is currently working on a new supercar and a high performance large sedan.

Source: Automotive Magazine