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Mopar offers their Top 10 Christmas gift ideas

Chrysler’s aftermarket division offers the Top 10 Mopar-branded Christmas gift ideas for 2010 with a collection of goodies ranging from $9 to $11,000.

If you have a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, or Plymouth lover in your life and you aren’t sure what to get them for Christmas, Mopar has you covered with yesterday’s press release. Mopar offers not only performance and standard replacement parts, but they also sell a near-endless array of Mopar branded apparel, toys and other company-branded knick knacks so whether you want to buy something small or something major, and could help with this year’s Christmas list.

Click here for a gallery containing some of these gifts.

These are the items that Mopar recommends for Christmas 2010, followed by the Mopar part number and MSRP of the gift…the first four come with free shipping if ordered before December 25th:
Mopar Holiday Ornament (A66140042N) $8.95

Mopar Reflective Logo Crew Sweatshirt (A66072842) M–XL: $26.95, 2XL–3XL: $27.95

Mopar Logo Hoodie (A66062942) M–XL: $28.95, 2XL–3: $29.95

Mopar Custom USB 2GB Drive (A66010042N) $39.75
Mopar Slush Mats (Part number varies by vehicle) $41 - $162

Mopar Short-throw Shifter for the new Dodge Challenger (P5155284AB) $129

Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS) Base Package ( 82212457) $459 (installation not included), Silver Package (82212459) Silver Annual Fee: $149 (one-year service, renewable) Gold Annual Fee: $249 (one-year service, renewable, this is an expanded version of the Silver package)

Uconnect® Web (82211856) $499

Aluminum Gen III HEMI® Engine Blocks (There are a variety of available Hemi blocks, part numbers vary) $4,485

Jeep® Camper Trailers (Jeep Trail Edition Camper available in six part numbers) Jeep Trail Edition Camper MSRP: $9,995; (Jeep Extreme Trail Edition Camper available in six part numbers) Jeep Extreme Trail Edition Camper MSRP: $11,995

From Christmas tree ornaments to clothing to car parts to an advanced navigation system to the only factory-offered camper trailer in the industry, Mopar offers something for every Ram, Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep owner around the holidays. In addition to the items listed above, Mopar offers things like various sized diecast collectables, off-road bumpers for Jeeps, cold air intakes for most new models, and even restoration parts for vintage Mopars like fenders and grilles. Depending on how much you love that special Mopar-racer in your life, you could go so far as to apply to buy him or her one of the limited edition V10 Challenger Drag Pak cars! (click here for more on the 2011 Challenger Drag Pak)

For a complete look at what Mopar has to offer, click here and for a look at the available gadgets and go-fast parts for modern Mopars, click here for the Mopar E-Store.