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Li-ion motors to showcase the Inizio supercar, fastest EV

Li-ion Motors, winner of the 2010 X-Prize for their innovative zero emissions vehicle, will use the 2011 Global Retail Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas to debut their new Inizio – an all-electric supercar.

Li-ion Motors got their first “big break” when they won the 2010 Progressive Automotive X-Prize with their WAVE II. For those unfamiliar with the X-Prize, it is awarded to vehicles that exhibit the best cutting-edge automotive technology, combining functionality with efficiency. The WAVE II is a two seat commuter car offering 28 cubic feet of storage in the truck but most importantly – the Li-ion WAVE II offers an incredible 187 MPGe. For comparison, the 2011 Nissan Leaf received a rating of 99 MPGe.

While the WAVE II was all about being highly efficient and economical, the Li-ion Inizio is built to show that electric cars don’t have to be awkward and boring. The Inizio is everything that makes a modern supercar – a wide, low stance, a super lightweight body, an intricate suspension system and even doors that rotate up rather than just normally opening outward. The main difference is that unlike the V12 mills found in many supercars the Inizio has no cylinders at all – instead deriving its power from a high tech lithium ion battery powered drive system. Li-ion is parading the Inizio as being the world’s fastest all electric supercar; capable of reaching a top speed of 170 miles per hour and ripping from 0 to 60 in just 3.4 seconds…while producing no harmful emissions. Click here for more on the Li-ion Inizio from the 2011 North American International Auto Show from TorqueNews' Frank Sherosky.

The Li-ion Inizio will be showcased at the Global Retail Real Estate Convention alongside an advanced charging system courtesy of American Clean Energy (ACE). ACE is bringing out their new canopy based solar power generating system, which is being marketed to both consumers and businesses to support those who wish to drive and charge electric vehicles. This canopy charging system allows a great solution to offering low-cost electrical charging stations to home consumers and businesses alike and to help draw attention to their display, the Inizio supercar will be tucked under the design that the company refers to as an “architecturally stunning canopy based solar system”.

The Global Retail Real Estate Convention might not get the attention of say, the SEMA show, but with Li-ion Motors getting so much attention with their award winning, innovative electric vehicles we can hope to see more of the Inizio at events around the country.

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