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Jeep Renegade Gets the Harley Davidson Treatment

The Jeep Renegade Hell’s Revenge Edition is a unique custom vehicle created for a huge European Harley Davidson event, complete with Harley logos and a flamed out paint job that helps the little SUV fit in better with the motorcycle crowd.

The Jeep Renegade is the best small SUV offered by the Trail Rated brand in many moons (maybe ever) and with the growth in popularity of small SUVs in Europe, the Chrysler Group is using the sporty little Jeep to attract attention at an upcoming European Harley Davidson event. To be exact, the Renegade Hell’s Revenge Edition will be on display at the 25th annual European H.O.G. Rally in Portoroz, Slovenia, giving European Harley fans a chance to check out the newest Jeep while enjoying a celebration of their favorite motorcycles.

Jeep Renegade Hell’s Revenge
The Jeep Renegade Hell’s Revenge Edition was created by an Italian customization shop named Garage Italia Customs. The most obvious upgrade of this compact Jeep is the eye catching paint job, with a stunning flame job on the nose and sides of the vehicle and large Harley Davison logos on the front doors. That flame design heads inside, where the dashboard is painted to match the front end of the Renegade while the unique custom black leather seat surfaces sport orange cues that are continued throughout the cabin. Finally, this Renegade has been fitted with a lifted suspension setup and some big, meaty tires to give it a more off-road-ready look.

Oh, I should also point out that this Jeep Renegade is a European model with the 1.6L diesel engine, sending 120 horsepower and 236lb-ft of torque to the wheels via a 9-speed automatic transmission and the advanced Jeep four wheel drive system.

As for the name, while the details on that are short, we can guess that this customized Jeep Renegade was named after the Hell’s Revenge trail in Moab. I’m not sure how well that will resonate with the European Harley Davidson crowd, but with this flashy paint job and Harley logos – the name shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Why a Harley Jeep in Slovenia?
I imagine that some of you are wondering why this Harley Davidson themed Jeep Renegade has been built for the European market. First and foremost, Harley Davidson motorcycles are very popular in Europe (and pretty much everywhere else) and Jeep is the official automotive sponsor of the 25th annual European H.O.G. Rally. Smaller SUVs are more popular than larger models in Europe, so showing off a Jeep that better fits European tastes in a group of people who have disposable income seems like a great marketing opportunity for the Jeep brand in Europe.