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Honda recalls 2012 Civic models over incorrect steering columns

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and American Honda have announced a voluntary recall of a very small number of 2012 Honda Civic models over the concern that these vehicles may have been equipped with the wrong steering column - an issue that could lead to improper function and an increase chance of injury during an accident.

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This newest 2012 Honda Civic steering column recall pertains to a very select number of vehicles built between October 26th 2012 and October 30th 2012. In total, just 157 examples of the Honda Civic may be affected by this issue so compared to the vast number of Civics sold over the past few months, it is a miniscule sampling of the popular Japanese compact car that may be sporting the incorrect steering column.

Unlike many recalls that relate to the steering system, this new 2012 Honda Civic recall centers more around the safety design of the car and the steering column. During that short span of time in October, workers at the Honda Civic assembly facility may have inadvertently installed the steering column tilt brackets intended for use in the refreshed 2013 Honda Civic on 2012 model year vehicles. Honda is concerned that in the event of an accident – especially one involving a front end collision – the incorrect steering column and tilt brackets will not collapse or “crumple” as expected and that could lead to an increased chance of injury to the driver.

For those unsure of why this steering column bracket issue in the 2012 Honda Civic matters, modern vehicles have steering columns designed to crumple and absorb the impact of a front end collision. Back in the day, drivers were often injured during a front end collision as a result of the steering column being forced back into the passenger’s compartment so automakers began designing steering columns to either crumple or come apart in the event of an accident to prevent the impact from shoving the steering wheel into the head, face or chest of the driver. Unfortunately, it seems that the tilt brackets on the steering column used on the new 2013 Civic could cause decreased impact absorption on the 157 2012 Honda Civic models in question. Honda is concerned that If these 2012 models are involved in a front end impact, there is a chance that the driver’s stand to deal with greater injuries than those folks driving a Civic with the correct steering assembly.

American Honda points out that this problem was discovered during internal testing so there have been no reports of injuries stemming from accidents. The Japanese automaker will begin sending notifications to the owners of these 157 vehicles via first class mail within the next few weeks, at which point the owners will be asked to return to the dealership to have their 2012 Honda Civic repaired. A technician will inspect the steering column assembly including the tilt brackets and change to the correct components for the 2012 model year. Those who own a 2012 Civic and want more information this can contact American Honda at (800) 999-1009 and select option #4.

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