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The high performance BMW Alpina B3 BiTurbo debuts in Geneva

While it could be some time before we see the new BMW M3 Sedan, the Alpina high performance tuning house used the 2013 Geneva Motor Show to introduce their new B3 BiTurbo Saloon – a 410 horsepower version of the BMW 3 Series that wears the familiar subtle styling cues of the Alpina lineup in great form.


The Alpina B3 BiTurbo is a nicely modified BMW 335 that will help to tide over hopeful M3 sedan owners until the next generation M3 arrives. The odds are good that if you are a fan of the BMW brand, you are probably familiar with the Alpina name but if you are not – this German based tuning house has made a name for itself by offering fully modified BMW models including the X3, the 5 Series, the 6 Series, the 7 Series and now the 3 Series. Like the other gorgeous Alpina modified BMW vehicles such as the B5 BiTurbo, the new B3 features a unique exterior design that shares a great many cues with the B5 while the 3.0L inline six cylinder engine has been modified to make some big power in both saloon (sedan) or touring (sport wagon) form.

The changes made to the 2013 BMW 3 Series to create the Alpina B3 BiTurbo begin on the outside where a modest body kit gives the 3 Series a more aggressive stance. This includes a lower front fascia that reaches further to the tarmac with added cooling ducts and unique Alpina badging, a unique rear fascia that makes room for the Alpina quad tip exhaust system, a low profile rear spoiler and a set of 20” wheels that are nearly identical to the rollers found on the other Alpina models. A set of thin stripes on the side and front along with the chrome Alpina B3 BiTurbo badging finishes the exterior package. Inside, the B3 BiTurbo is filled to the brim with high end BMW interior amenities plus some unique badging to signify this special package.

While the outside of the Alpina B3 BiTurbo looks great, the big news on the new Alpina-built 3 Series sedan is under the hood. The B3 BiTurbo features the same 3.0L inline six cylinder engine as the BMW 335i but where the BMW branded sedan offers 300 horsepower and 300lb-ft of torque, the B3 packs 404 horsepower (301kW) and 442lb-ft of torque. This power is channeled to the wheels by an 8-speed ZF Sport Automatic transmission which can be shifted either the steering wheel mounted shift buttons with the buyer’s choice of either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. In rear wheel drive form, the B3 BiTurbo can dash from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds while the all wheel drive B3 will get to 62 in 4 seconds flat while either configuration offers a top speed of 190 miles per hour.

No pricing has been announced for the Alpina B3 BiTurbo but considering that the Alpina B5 BiTurbo starts well over $100,000, the B3 BiTurbo likely won’t receive the budget racer designation. However, for the deep pocketed BMW lover who wants a high performance 2013 3 Series and who simply cannot wait for the future M3 sedan – the Alpina offers many of the advantages of the M lineup with its own distinct look combined with a high performance drivetrain and handling setup. At the same time, the new B3 BiTurbo has the least expensive base vehicle so the B3 could be the least expensive option in the Alpina lineup.