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The Gumpert Apollo R and Apollo Enraged arrive in Geneva

Last week, we offered up a teaser of the new Gumpert Apollo coming to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and today, we have our first look and official details on the Gumpert Apollo R and Gumpert Apollo Enraged – a race car and a road car that bring forth a new page in the history of the Gumpert hypercar history books.

When Gumpert teased their Geneva Motor Show debuts last week, they used a picture that was heavily covered up with carbon fiber print and a fancy script “R” included in the word Discover, which we know now refers to the new Apollo R. The Gumpert Apollo R is a race model intended for sale to the racing public, although it is sadly not legal on public roads. The Apollo R is powered by a heavily tuned, supercharged V8 built by Audi that sends 860 horsepower to the rear wheels with a lightweight chassis that tips the scales at a scant 2,425 pounds – making for one incredible race ready supercar. Everything about the Apollo R just screams “race me”, from the carbon fiber body to the sporty #11 race livery to the unique body dressings and while some question the outrageous design of the Gumpert Apollo, it certainly lends itself to making a great race car.

The other big debut from the German hypercar builder is the extreme new Gumpert Apollo Enraged – a street legal road car with production limited to just three units. The Gumpert Apollo Enraged is the most powerful road car ever produced by the company, with the 4.2L supercharged Audi V8 making an impressive 780 horsepower and with a weight of just 2,590 pounds, the Apollo Enraged may set some speed and acceleration records when it hits the streets. The Apollo Enraged looks a great deal like the current production Apollo but it is differentiated from the non-Enraged models with a slick gloss and matte black paint scheme accented with red trim along the lower rockers and on the black wheels. That red stripe is also seen flanking one side of the thick stripe running down the middle of the car with a gold stripe on the side opposite the red.

There aren’t many other details beyond what is mentioned above about the new Gumpert Apollo R and Apollo Enraged but we can expect that the street legal, 1-of-3 Enraged will carry an MSRP well above the half million dollar price tag of the current production Apollo price; while the price of the race ready Apollo R ranking possibly in the same range.

For the majority of us, the introduction of the Gumpert Apollo R and the Apollo Enraged are little more than new rides in our dreams and perhaps future video games but for the select few who can foot the bill for a $500,000+ limited edition hypercar, there is a new unicorn car in the world for you to chase with your checkbook.

Check out the gallery on the right for a closer look at the Gumpert Apollo Enraged and the Gumpert Apollo R.