GeigerCars Camaro Supercharged 630
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GeigerCars Lifts the Camaro SS to 621hp for German Drivers

If you live in Germany and you want to drive a new Chevrolet Camaro SS – but the 455hp output of the standard Camaro isn’t enough for your Autobahn cruising needs – the crew at GeigerCars has you covered with their new Supercharged 630 package.

GeigerCars is best known for importing high performance American cars that are not available from European dealerships, but with the 6th generation Camaro being sold by GM in Germany, GeigerCars has turned their attention to the tuning side of the Camaro community. The result is the GeigerCars Camaro Supercharged 630 – packing 630 Pferdestärke (PS - Metric horsepower in German), or around 621 horsepower to Americans.

GeigerCars Camaro Supercharged 630
The Chevrolet Camaro SS is powered by an LT1 V8 which delivers 455 horsepower and 455lb-ft of torque, but when you hit the Autobahn with “only” 455 horsepower, the various European supercars will eat you alive. GeigerCars can fix that with their Supercharged 630 package for the 6th gen Camaro SS (Camaro V8 in Germany), which lifts the output to 630 PS – hence the name.

GeigerCars adds a supercharger, a unique cooling system and a proper engine tune, lifting the output of the Camaro V8 from 461PS and 617Nm of torque (that is the same 455hp, 455lb-ft of torque that we get in the US, but in local German measurements) to 630PS and 791Nm of torque – or 621 horsepower and 583lb-ft of torque in more familiar figures. According to the tuning company, this Supercharged 630 Camaro will dash from 0 to 100kmh (62mph) in just 3.9 seconds en route to a top speed of 189 miles per hour.

Next, to improve the handling of the new Camaro SS at the higher speeds that come with a 621 horsepower engine package, GeigerCars adds a KW sport suspension package and a set of 21 inch OZ Racing Superturismo Dakar wheels wrapped in high performance rubber with 295/30ZR21 tires out back for lots of traction. When coupled with the Camaro’s high performance Brembo braking system, the GeigerCars Camaro Supercharged 630 should have no issues keeping up with the best from Germany on the Autobahn and on some curvier roads.

Finally, GeigerCars adds a aero package which includes a front chin spoiler, side skirts and a rear diffuser, along with unique dark striping across the top of the car and down the sides – making this one sharp looking, high performance Chevrolet Camaro.

This package is no listed on the GeigerCars tuning website and the company doesn’t have one for sale in their online showroom, but if you live in Germany, you drive a new Camaro V8 and you want a bunch more horsepower – hit up the crew at GeigerCars for more information on their Supercharged 630 package.

If you live in the USA, this package doesn’t do you much good, but high performance aftermarket packages like the GeigerCars Supercharged 630 setup helps to promote the Camaro in foreign markets – adding to the global appeal of Chevrolet’s modern muscle car.

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