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Cadillac removes the turbo option from the 2011 SRX

Due to surprisingly poor sales, General Motors has removed the 2.8L turbocharged engine option from the popular Cadillac SRX crossover for the 2011 model year.


The redesigned SRX has been a massive part of Cadillac’s success over the past few months but the turbo V6 has had very little to do with that success. spoke with a representative from Cadillac today who confirmed for us that the 2.8L turbocharged V6 has officially been removed from the dealer order guide due to poor sales compared to the slightly less powerful 3.0L V6 option. Cadillac expects the removal of the turbocharged engine option to remove some complexity from the ordering process with less than 10% of the SRX buyers selecting the powerful turbocharged option.

The turbocharged V6 from the Cadillac SRX offers 300 horsepower and 295lb-ft of torque and this engine option adds $3,820 over the comparable models powered by the 3.0L V6 that makes just 265hp and 223lb-ft of torque. While the added power may be attractive to some, the crossover segment buyer greatly favored the less powerful option, possibly due to the fact that the 3.0L V6 offers better fuel economy with 17/23 compared to the turbo engine’s 15/22 (both listed for AWD options).

If the removal of the turbocharged V6 option from the 2011 Cadillac SRX breaks your heart, the odds are good that you will be able to find one sitting on a dealership lot. However, now that the package has officially been cut from the dealer order guide, there will likely be no more produced or ordered going forward – so if you really want one you shouldn’t put off a trip to your neighborhood Cadillac dealership.

Perhaps General Motors’ luxury brand will have some exciting news for us when the 2011 Detroit Auto Show opens next Monday. Stay tuned to for the internet’s most comprehensive coverage of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit!

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