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B&M Automotive buys Flowmaster Exhaust

Today, the folks at B&M Automotive Group announced that they have expanded their family with the purchase of the aftermarket exhaust super-giant Flowmaster.

The B&M name is best known for their high performance transmission components and shifters, but the B&M Automotive Group also includes the Hurst Shifters and Hurst Driveline Conversions Team. These are among some of the biggest names in the performance aftermarket and with the addition of Flowmaster Exhaust, the company has given itself an even bigger footprint in the automotive industry.

Flowmaster began in 1983, giving the maker of some of the most widely used mufflers in the performance industry over almost 30 years of experience of making cars run better and sound great. All Flowmaster mufflers are produced in Flowmasters massive manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California, and the company also has a research and development facility in Idaho and corporate headquarters in Santa Rosa, California. I use Flowmaster mufflers on all of my vehicles including my 1972 Dodge Demon 340 (shown above) and it will be interesting to see what B&M has in store for the exhaust giant.

Nate Shelton, Chief Marketing Officer of the B&M Automotive Group offered the following comment on the acquisition of the Flowmaster brand:
"We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to acquire such an iconic company with so much rich history and brand equity.”

In addition to the B&M transmission components and the Hurst Shifters, the Hurst Performance Vehicles product line has gotten a great deal of well-deserved press lately. Hurst used to represent pace cars and track-only drag cars but the modern Hurst lineup includes a spread of super high performance American Muscle cars.

The video below offers a look at a couple of the recent Hurt Performance Vehicles products like the Hurst Ford Mustang Pace Car, the Hurst Hemi Challenger, the Hurst Viper and the Hurst Camaro, along with a look at some of the legendary historic vehicles like the Hurst Hemi Under Glass. It is a great piece covering the history of the brand, from the 1960s to today – and this is only a small part of the B&M Automotive Group. Now that Flowmaster Exhaust is part of the team, we can hope to see more joint efforts in the way of sexy show cars at the SEMA Show.