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All New Shelby Mustang Buyers Get Free Track Instruction

Ford Motor Company has announced that every buyer of the 2016 Shelby GT350 or GT350R Mustang will get a free day’s worth of instruction from the Ford Performance Racing School at Utah Motorsports Campus – allowing the company to help owners get the most out of the best-handling Mustang ever.

The 2015 and 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustang are the best handling Mustangs of all time and they might just be the best handling muscle cars of all time, but a car is only as good as the driver. Bad drivers have the capacity to make the best car in the world below-average and when a bad driver allows his or her car to be embarrassed at the track - it makes that car look bad.

Basically, if a new GT350R owner takes his Shelby Mustang to a road course only to be blown away by everything on the track before finally putting the nose into a tire barrier, it makes the Mustang community look bad. A good example is the Hellcat Challenger making 13 second quarter mile runs and losing to an electric sedan on the drag strip – which quickly went viral. That video of a poorly-driven Challenger served as a black eye for the Mopar community and there are endless videos on YouTube showing muscle car drivers screwing up and crashing on the track and the street.

More importantly, a low performance driver in a high performance car can prove to be a huge safety risk to everyone on the road, so to try to make sure that every new Shelby Mustang driver knows how to handle this 500+ horsepower beast around other drivers – the Motor Company will offer every new Shelby GT350 and GT350R owner a free one-day instructional session at the track formerly known as Miller Motorsports Park in Utah.

"GT350 is a car that needs to be experienced on a closed road course," said Jim Owens, Ford Performance marketing manager. "The program is designed for owners to learn how to get the most out of their car so they can appreciate the unique performance Shelby GT350 delivers, while also gaining driving skills and experience. It's going to be a ton of fun."

GT350 Track Attack
This new one-day instructional program at the Ford Performance Racing School is called the GT350 Track Attack and it joins the current Fiesta ST and Focus ST programs at Miller Motorsports Park (now called Utah Motorsports Campus) in Tooele, Utah. Everyone who bought a new 2015 or 2016 Shelby GT350 or GT350R Mustang is entitled to a free day of instruction as part of the GT350 Track Attack program, which begins with an evening reception the night before, followed by a classroom session on the morning of the track day and finished up with on-track driver’s training with a professional racing instructor.

The reception, the classroom sessions and the track sessions for that one-day program are all free to new Shelby Mustang owners and while cars are provided (owners don’t need to bring their car to Utah), participants will need to cover their own travel and lodging expenses. So, you buy a new Shelby Mustang, you pay for the flight to Utah and the hotel room and Ford foots the bill for your day-long racing instruction. Also, those owners who want more instruction can pay a fee for a second day of track time and more advanced racing programs.

"Regardless of a person's driving ability, this will be an unbelievable experience," said Dan McKeever, president, Ford Performance Racing School. From the weekend track warrior to the car collector, this program provides the skills needed to really enjoy Shelby GT350 Mustang in the environment for which it is designed."

The GT350 Track Attack program begins in April and whether you have already purchased a new Shelby Mustang or if you plan to buy one once the weather warms up – you can get all of the needed information to plan your racing instruction at

This program will make the drivers of the new Shelby Mustang safer, while also improving the chances of privately-owned GT350 and GT350R Mustangs beating up on the cross-town rivals at the track.