The Porsche 911 Sport classic and the Porsche Boxster S
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30 Porsche models coming to Forza 4 in May

We knew in August 2011 (before Forza Motorsport 4 was released) that the newest installment of the class-leading driving simulator would not be offering any Porsche models due to a licensing issue with Electronic Arts but the makers of the game announced on their official website today that a whopping 30 genuine Porsche models will be coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace on May 22nd.

These 30 new Porsche models offered on Forza Motorsport 4 will be included as part of the Porsche Expansion Pack which will set you back 1600 Microsoft points ($19.99) and unfortunately, it is not included in the Forza 4 season pass. The good news is that in addition to the 30 new Porsche models, the Porsche Expansion Pack also adds 20 new career events based around the Porsche models, 10 new Xbox Live achievements and some Porsche themed Rivals mode events; so this is more than just a simple car pack for your 20 bucks.

The Forza Motorsport website hasn’t run down the vehicles available in the Porsche Expansion Pack but they do mention the 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic and the 2010 Porsche Boxster S (both shown on the right) while also adding that 7 of the 30 Porsche models added will be all-new to the Forza series. We can be assured to see some high end Porsche models like the 911 GT3 along with some famous historic 911 examples and if I had to guess, I would expect to see a Panamera and a Cayenne. I would also expect a Porsche GT supercar, a Porsche 356, at least one example from every generation of the 911, a 944 (for the budget Porsche gaming enthusiast), the 918 Spyder and a Cayman – among other models.

While the specifics are limited right now, the Forza website stated that the goal of the Porsche Expansion Pack was to “offer the most comprehensive and fun Porsche experience available in any racing game (on the market) today”. Based on what little we know thus far, we can expect that the Porsche Expansion Pack will satisfy the tastes of most Porsche lovers while the rest of the hardcore FM4 junkies can be happy that there are more career races in which to race, earn money and level up.

The only bad news about the Forza 4 Porsche Expansion Pack is that this announcement comes more than two months before it will be available in the Xbox Live Marketplace. The current release date is set for May 22nd so it will be a lengthy wait to finally race your favorite Porsche models through the wonders of the virtual world of Forza 4 but I suspect that it will be well worth the wait. Luckily, the announcement on the new Porsche models points out that there will be more news about this package in coming weeks so we can expect more news (presumably more information on the available Porsche models) in the weeks leading up to the debut of the Porsche Expansion Pack.

Rejoice Porsche lovers who play Forza 4...your wait is almost over.

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