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The 2016 Camaro Could Get a Superman Special Edition

The introduction of the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is just a few days away now, but even before the next generation Camaro has met the world – there is already a rumor of a special edition package that comes via a General Motors trademark filing.

According to the folks at GMAuthority, General Motors has filed trademark applications for both “Camaro Krypton” and “Krypton” for the use with motor land vehicles (that is the formal terminology used in the filing). There is no other information included in the official trademark filing, but Camaro Krypton certainly sounds like it could be some sort of superhero themed special edition package for the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.

What is Krypton?
When dissecting the Camaro Krypton, we should first look at the meaning of the word Krypton. Krypton has a real-world definition and a separate meaning in the entertainment world.

In the scientific world, Krypton appears in the noble gas column of the periodic table, with an atomic number of 36. Krypton is an odorless, tasteless gas that is most commonly used in some types of fluorescent lights.

In the entertainment world, Krypton is the home planet of Superman and if you asked the average Joe or Jane on the street, they would likely relate Krypton with Superman before they would light bulbs. Based on that, I would expect that a Camaro Krypton would be some sort of special edition package having something to do with Superman.

2016 Camaro Krypton
Next March, a new Superman Versus Batman movie is launching in the United States and I have to wonder if the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro might not serve as a feature vehicle in the movie that will likely be a box office smash hit. In the world of non-traditional marketing of new vehicles, having the 6th generation Camaro in the hands of the Man of Steel would certainly add some cool factor to the new muscle car.

General Motors was fortunate enough to get the Chevrolet Camaro into the modern Transformers series and it has led to great publicity for the muscle car – while also leading to a special edition package that has been fairly popular. The Camaro Krypton could be to Superman Versus Batman what the yellow and black Transformers Special Edition was to the Transformers series, except the Camaro Krypton will be based on the next generation muscle car.

What Would the Camaro Krypton Look Like?
Provided that the 2016 Camaro Krypton is indeed the high powered ride of Superman, we can expect that it would be bright blue with red and yellow trim. It could be really extreme and come as a convertible with a bright red top – but that seems like it might be a little too outlandish for Clark Kent to drive every day. It also seems like it might be a little too colorful to sell to the public and if the company is going to the trouble to trademark the Camaro Krypton name, I expect that we will at least see a concept car sporting the unique look. A bright blue 2016 Camaro SS with red and yellow trim inside and out could be the kind of car Camaro fans and Superman fans would both snap up at dealerships.

The bad news is that with Superman Versus Batman doesn’t come out until March 2016, so it could be a very long time before we see the 2016 Camaro Krypton, but it certainly sounds like Chevrolet is already cooking up fun special edition packages for the next generation muscle car.

Source: GM Authority