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The 2016 Callaway SC610 Camaro Packs 610hp/610tq with a Warranty

The tuning experts at Callaway have turned their efforts to the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS and the result is a supercharged muscle car with 610 horsepower and 610lb-ft of torque – all for under $55,000 out the door.

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS is powered by the same LT1 V8 in the C7 Corvette Stingray and in muscle car use, this mill makes 455 horsepower and 455lb-ft of torque. This makes the 6th gen version the most powerful Camaro SS of all time, but part of the muscle car allure is customization and modification. While some people will add the unique appearance items and high performance goodies at home in their garage at home or at the local performance shop, not everyone can do it themselves or turn to a good local shop. That is where tuning companies like Callaway are there to help. Whether you are a Camaro owner who wants to have an entire package installed at once or you are a prospective Camaro owner who wants to buy a “custom” Camaro already built – Callaway has the answer with the new SC610 Camaro.

The Callaway SC610 Camaro
The heart of the Callaway SC610 Camaro package is the TVS2300 supercharger, which utilizes Callaway’s integrated “TripleCooled” intercooler system and a Callaway cold air intake system to lift the output from 455/455 to 610 horsepower and 610lb-ft of torque. To help keep the Callaway supercharger system and three the integrated intercoolers cool, the SC610 package has a hole in the hood that allows the supercharger housing to poke up into the cool air rushing across the hood. This package also adds carbon fiber engine trim, an underhood plaque with VIN, interior and exterior badging, Callaway door sill panels, and embroidered floor mats.

You can buy the Callaway SC610 Camaro SS through select Chevrolet dealerships and in coupe form, this 610 horsepower muscle car starts at $54,290. If you already own a 2016 Camaro SS and you want to convert it into a Callaway SC610 Camaro, you can contact the company and order the package for your car for $16,995. This package is legal in all 50 states and in addition to coming with a warranty on the Callaway-added components – these Camaros maintain their factory from General Motors.

So, for roughly $55,000, you can order a 2016 Camaro SS with 610 horsepower, 610lb-ft of torque and a subtle exterior upgrade package from specific Chevy dealerships around the country and unlike bolting on your own supercharger – these muscle cars come with all of the security of the factory warranty coverage.

More Potential in the LT1
More importantly, the fact that this package doesn’t void the GM drivetrain warranty serves as proof that the Callaway SC610 supercharger package is safe for your daily driven engine. If GM was concerned about this package causing increased or early engine wear, the company wouldn’t continue to honor the factory warranty.

Why does this matter, beyond the warranty coverage?

Well, if the Callaway-supercharged LT1 V8 can make 610hp and 610lb-ft of torque safely enough to preserve the factory engine warranty, then there is certainly room to make more power, albeit in a way that will surely void the engine warranty. In other words, I wouldn’t be surprised if Callaway rolled out a more elaborate package for the new Camaro SS in the coming months – one with more than 610 horsepower.