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The 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible Headed to Dealers Now

A little over a month before the first examples of the 2015 Ford Mustang fastback reached owners, the first new Mustang Convertibles are also on their way to dealerships around the country – right in time for winter.

A big part of the allure of the Ford Mustang has been the availability of the convertible roof and when the 2015 Mustang was introduced a little over a year ago, there were buyers who were planning to buy a convertible since first sight of the next generation pony car. However, when the first wave of 2015 Mustangs began shipping back in October, they were strictly hard-topped fastback models so those folks waiting to get their hands on a convertible were forced to wait even longer. Well, that wait is almost over, as Ford Motor Company announced today that the first 2015 Mustang convertibles will begin shipping this week.

Unfortunately, the 2015 Ford Mustang convertible is hitting the consumer market right as most of the country is feeling the squeeze of the icy grasp of Old Man Winter so buyers wont be able to drop the top and hit the road right away in many markets, but Ford points out that the new Mustang Convertible is very well equipped to make winter more manageable.

“Cold weather may have come unseasonably early this year, butwith available heated seats, remote start and selectable drivemodes with a snow/wet setting, Mustang is the perfect offering forthe season,” said Melanie Banker, Mustang brand manager.

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Mustang Convertible VS Winter
The 2015 Ford Mustang convertible is likely not a whole lot better than a new Mustang fastback (or any other rear wheel drive muscle car) in the snow, but the Motor Company has taken some measures to both make the Mustang better in the snow and make it more comfortable for everyone inside.

First off, all 2015 Ford Mustang convertibles with the 6-speed automatic transmission comes with a standard remote start system, so with the push of a button, your droptop Mustang can be warmed up before you step foot outside of your house. This system warms up the engine while automatically heating up the interior.

Second, those 2015 Mustang convertible buyers who opt for the Premium package get standard heated front seats. These seats heat up to take the chill out of the leather surfaces and when combined with the remote start system, the heated seats can ensure that you don’t freeze your butt off when heading out in your Mustang convertible on a cold morning.

Finally, the 2015 Ford Mustang convertible with the Premium configuration comes with a standard selectable drive mode system that includes a wet/snow setting. This adjusts the throttle input, steering sensitivity and traction control to help make the Mustang easier to drive in the snow – both in turning and accelerating.

Of course, no muscle car is really ideal for use in the snow, but the remote start system, the heated front seats and the selectable drive modes make the new Mustang convertible more comfortable and safer on brisk days. Regardless of the weather around the country, the arrival of the 2015 Ford Mustang convertible will likely account for yet another spike in Mustang sales which just might help the Mustang challenge the Camaro in the annual muscle car sales race.