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2014 BMW M5 pricing arrives online, includes new 575hp Competition Package

The 2014 BMW M5 made its debut this past weekend at MFest in California with a handful of new features including the 575 horsepower Competition Package and shortly after the new blue high performance sedan first appeared in public, pricing for the super saloon arrived on the internet thanks to the folks at


The 2014 BMW M5 has been a popular topic here at TorqueNews over the past few days and the reveal of official pricing online follows the first leaked images that we discussed on Thursday and the official BMW statement announcing the new Competition Package that we reveled over just yesterday. While the changes made to the “base” 2014 M5 are minimal, they also seem to have little impact on the pricing as “Base Price at US Port of Entry” has increased by just $1,000.

The 2013 BMW M5 post cost was $89,900 while that same figure for the 2014 model year M5 jumps to $90,900. MSRP has not been announced just yet but the online price of a current 2013 M5 starts at $90,200 - $300 more than the port price. We can expect that the sticker price at the dealership (not counting any dealership markup, gas guzzler tax and destination fees) will land right around $91,200 based on the first look at pricing. That pricing included the 560 horsepower V10 and a high speed dual clutch transmission although buyers can pick a manual transmission for no addition cost.

The most interesting piece of information is the pricing of the 2014 BMW M5 Competition Package which offers improved power and handling. The 2014 M5 Competition Package includes features like sport exhaust with quad black chrome exhaust tips, new springs that allow the M5 to sit 10mm lower than the non-Competition Package equipped models, more rigid dampers for improved handling, a new M Dynamic Mode that furthers the handling capabilities, a specially tuned steering system, 15 extra horsepower and the buyer’s choice of two different wheel options – all for just $7,300 US dollars.

Also, those buyers who opt for the Competition Package can also add a new M Carbon Ceramic braking package that adds $9,250 to the final price but likely also allows this brawny super sedan to stop on a dime… maybe literally. Based on the pricing guide, those who want the ceramic brakes but do not want the Competition Package (which seems like insanity) can opt for the Competition Package wheels for $1,300 before ponying up the extra $9,250 for those big brakes.

Other upgrade packages for the 2014 BMW M5 include the Driver Assistance Plan ($1,900), the Executive Package ($5,500), the Lighting Package ($1,900), full Mereno leather interior ($3,500), an extended leather interior package ($5,000), a Bang & Olufsen sound system ($3,700), a professional rear seat entertainment system ($2,200) and night vision with pedestrian detection ($2,600).

When you take the base port price of the 2014 BMW M5 and add the destination fee that is now $925 (2013 was $895) and the gas guzzler tax for the dual clutch models of $1,300, the final price as it arrives to the dealer sits at $93,125 and that does not include the difference between base MSRP and port price to the dealers. Ultimately, I would expect that the “cheapest” that you could get a 2014 BMW M5 when not considering any excessive dealership markup would be around $93,425. Those who want greater performance out of their M5 can expect to pay around $100,425 for a 2014 M5 with the Competition Package and a dual clutch transmission while adding the high end carbon ceramic brakes brings the MSRP up around $109,675. On the other hand, a 2014 M5 buyer who wants a fully loaded super sedan can expect to pay somewhere in the area of $135,000.

This sounds like a whole lotta money to the average car buyer but considering that BMW isnt exactly having a hard time selling the M5, I don’t suspect that a thousand dollar price hike for the new interior gadgets and lightly refreshed exterior wont drive away many BMW buyers…especially those who have owned a couple M-clad vehicles.