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The 2012 Saab 9-4x to start at just $34,205

The 2012 Saab 9-4x is expected to hit US showrooms in May of 2011, joining the new 9-5 sedan as the Spyker-owned Swedish automaker prepares to build a reputation for itself without the aid of General Motors and when the new crossover reaches showrooms, it will start at just $34,205.

While Saab is unveiling new models with the help of their new owners at Spyker, the new 9-4x was designed during GM’s control of Saab and shares everything shy of the sheet metal with the popular Cadillac SRX. The chassis and suspension components are identical and since both models come from luxury automakers, we can expect a similar level of fit and finish for both of the sporty crossovers.

Like the SRX, the 2012 Saab 9-4x comes with a pair of engine choices – a 3.0L direct injection V6 mated to a standard front wheel drive setup or an optional all wheel drive system and a 2.8L turbocharged V6 sending power exclusively to all 4 wheels via an advanced all wheel drive system. The 3.0L V6 offers 265hp while yielding 20mpg combined and the 2.8L turbo motor offers 300hp and 295lb-ft of torque while still reaching a very notable 18mpg.

The price of $34,205 gets you a 2012 Saab 9-4x with the base model 3.0L engine and front wheel drive and to add all wheel drive with the standard engine, the 2012 9-4x Premium begins at $38,075. The top-of-the-line 2012 9-4x Aero includes the 2.8L turbo V6, standard all wheel drive and a handful of other high end luxury features and this will set you back $48,835. In comparison to the 2011 Cadillac SRX that shares almost every aspect of the vehicle, the base model SRX costs $375 less than the 9-4x but when you compare the two high end trimlines, the 2012 Saab costs around $1,080 less than the Cadillac-branded crossover.

The 2011 Cadillac SRX has been a big reason for the luxury automakers growth over the past few months and that is just the kind of success that Saab is hoping for as they strike out on their own – even though the vehicle is largely based on the Cadillac.