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Take-Aways From Tesla Giga Berlin's Revised Planning Application

As widely reported in the press and summarized on Torque News, Tesla submitted a revised planning application for construction of the first phase of its Giga Berlin plant on 2nd July 2020.

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The full Tesla Giga Berlin application, dated 24th June 2020 can be accessed online at UVP Verbund.

This weighty German language document of 3292 pages contains very detailed data concerning manufacturing processes and architectural drawings, along with environmental and emissions details. I must admit to skimming through the document for a few hours, as there are hundreds of pages of tables identifying emissions sources, including air, water, noise and light.

Much of this has been already reported – in particular the first phase site layout, which for completeness I will also enclose here, but other details are hidden amongst the three thousand plus pages.

Overall Giga Berlin Plan

Tesla Giga Berlin's Overall Site Plan

This clearly shows the proposed new road and transit station to the north.

As a matter of interest for our English speaking readers, the main production areas are shown below (with English table)

Giga Berlin's Production Volume

There has been much speculation concerning the planned production target from the first phase. This is stated continuously through the application as 500,000 Model Y per year, produced on a three-shift 24/7 production cycle. The first phase will have a production output of 1370 vehicles per day, which conveniently equals 500,000 per year. It is worth underlining that this is from the first phase alone.

Giga Berlin's Short-Term Site Development

Currently, phase1a land clearance covers 92Ha. The application covers clearance of two further phases 1b and 1c as shown below.

Tesla Giga Berlin's Short Term Site Development

There has been some speculation that the clearance of phase 1b is connected with the eventual rerouting of the Frienbrink rail spur, with improved links to a Tesla rail yard, although there is nothing in this document to confirm this.

Giga Berlin's Electric Supply

High voltage supply to the site will be 110kV – compared to 220kV in Shanghai.

Also watch this report about Tesla's 4 more new Gigafactories ranging from being in-construction to rumors. Tesla has four potential future facilities, ranging from under construction to more vague rumors. Giga Berling is under construction. Cybertruck Gigafactory is close to starting construction either in Austin or Tulsa. A second Gigafactory in Asia is already announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the Giga UK is a vague rumor with substantial reports.

Andy Granger has 44 years of experience in Automotive industry and spends his time between Perth in Australia and the Solomon Islands. Andy is a Tesla enthusiast and love electric cars. You can follow Andy on Facebook and send him news tips. Andy's writings mainly focus on Tesla news coverage and particularly the Giga Berlin factory.

Main image credit: Gf4Tesla.

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