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What Will Be The Effect of Tesla Model 3 on Model S Resale

Tesla Model S targets and appeals to a different type of demographic than Model 3, but what will happen to Model S resale value when Model 3 comes?


Let's say you are a Tesla Model 3 reservation holder and while waiting for your Model 3 to arrive, you are thinking to order a Model S. Some people may want to do this, especially after the reintroduction of Tesla Model S 60, which has a lower value then the more expensive Tesla Model S.

Now the issue is what will happen to the resale value of Model S once Tesla starts actively delivering Model 3.

I can't answer this question and will leave it open for our readers to share their points of view in the comments. Do you see the Model S holding its value as well as it has once Model 3 becomes widely available?

If someone wants to have the experience of a futuristic car today for them it may be worth paying the Model S price premium today. But how will Tesla Model S buyers feel about the value of Model S when they can get a similar experience from Model 3? I personally don't see many people willing to pay double for Tesla Model S.

I am aware of Tesla's "Model S resale value guarantee," which is actually being debated, and that Model is a full size sedan, while Model 3 is a midsize car. Yet, the question still remains. What will happen to Model S resale value once Model 3 pre-orders start delivering?

What do you think?

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