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What To Do While Your Nissan Leaf Is Charging Outside Home

A friend of mine asked this question on what to do if you are charging the your Nissan Leaf's battery with level 2 or level 1 outside the house. Do you make frequent stop and charging and watch movies inside the car or do you do long charge and walk around town or call Uber? Here are several things Nissan Leaf owners do.


Imagine it's winter. You stop in a rural area in the middle of nowhere to charge your Nissan Leaf's batter. You have your family or just the kids with you. The weather is cold. While your EV is charging you can leave the heat on, crawl in back and watch TV on your mobile phone. The time will pass very quickly.

Depending where you are, use your iPad. If you are going to wait, put your iPad on the steering wheel and find something interesting and useful to watch and learn.

Find a nearby restaurant and go get something to eat. If it's not a lunch or dinner time, you may want to find a Starbucks or Dunkin Donut to get a cup of coffee or tea.

If you are with a family, just talk to your wife and children. In the western world we don't get enough quality time with our family emembers. Use the extra hour, turn off your phone and talk to them. It will be a quality time.

Read a book while your Nissan Leaf is charging its battery. Since charging is something that is done frequently, keep few good books in your car. Sometimes I take long trips, and before I start driving I stop by at a local public library and take few books or audio books. Audio-books are good because you can listen to them while driving. If you have a Kindle, make sure you have your Kindle with you. In fact, this is a good thing to do if you need to stop by at a dealership and wait while your car is being serviced.

When you stop at an L2 charger, find a nearby shady place, get a cup of coffee and use your Kindle. By the way, read about a Nissan Leaf owner who keeps a camp chair in the trunk of his Leaf.

Some local dealers have free WIFI. While your DCQC takes about 30 minutes. You can walk down the dealership row and check out the new models. Some places have nice hiking trails. Put your Leaf on the L2 charger and take a multi hour hike and come back. If it's cold or rainy, use the free WIFI. See about charging your Nissan Leaf in rain. If your charging area is close to a place where you have friends or relatives, use the opportunity to visit them and say hello.

The last, but not the list. Pray. While your car is charging and you are alone, use the rare quiet time, turn off your phone and pray.