Traffic jam game
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Traffic Jam Game: What to do in Traffic Jam

People who spend hours in traffic jam look for games or things to do. This traffic jam went viral in Imgur.

This picture, showing an a traffic jam game without apparent planning, was posted on Imgur and went viral. Two individuals in cars who are waiting in a traffic jam, sitting in the front passenger seats, play Rock, Paper, Scissor, Shoot game. The game seems good, but "I don't know what a win would mean here," writes one commenters.

Winning is the point of most games, but in this case, it's a traffic jam game, to spend time and here is the most important thing. I wish we could all be this cordial toward our fellow humans and have a good time. The world would be a fun place.

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"Have done this, it was a great way to pass time during standstill traffic. Plus the guys in the opposing traffic couldn't stop laughing," wrote another person who commented under the image.

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