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Tesla's New Price List Shows Repair Cheaper Than Mercedes, BMW and Audi

Tesla service and repair costs are way cheaper than that of BMW, Mercedes & Audi in China. This is a huge advantage for vertically integrated company like Tesla.


Twitter user Moneyball just revealed an important document, published by Tesla China. According to those documents Tesla published national repair and maintenance price list. According to Tesla's repair and maintenance price list the majority of items are circa 50% cheaper compared to BBA (BMW Brilliance Automotive), China​ media reports.

Tesla is a vertically integrated electric car maker, and this is a very big advantage for a vertically integrated car company such as Tesla.

After-sales make 70% of 4S store profit, but Tesla using own stores does not rely on the service to profit, which makes repair/insurance cheaper, report added.

Repairing legacy vehicles with so many extra parts compared to electric vehicles is the reason why they will always be more expensive. And this makes Tesla little more superior.

I wish I could show you a table with comparisons of prices, like a simple PowerPoint, but it's so difficult to do. Here is the image of Tesla's China repair and maintenance price list. If anyone knows Chinese, you can take the prices and compare to Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

Tesla's New Price List in China

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