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Tesla Pickup Truck Concept: Pros and Cons

Carslane has published a story discussing the possibility of electric Tesla pickup truck and speculating that the concept will be unveiled later this year and the truck will be available in 2017. I think Tesla may eventually come up with a pickup truck for reasons discussed in this article, but with the huge backlog of Model 3 I am unsure if Tesla may introduce a pickup truck in 2017.

Apparently Tesla pickup truck rumors have started in January of this year. Pickup trucks are one of the best selling cars in the United states. If you add to this Tesla's existing technology, then an electric pickup truck from Tesla would be a reasonable possibility.

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept Pros

Take a look at this TorqueNews story by John Goreham from 2014 titled Tesla pickup truck talk starting to make more and more sense. According to the story even in 2014 Elon Musk has brought up the topic of the pickup trucks as one of the next three vehicles the company plans to produce for sale. "If Tesla took just 5% of the market share in this segment it could surpass the 2013 Model S sales easily," writes John.

Douglas Stansfield, a former TorqueNews EV reporter thinks that an electric pickup truck by Telsa would be trouble for Ford, Toyota and GM. This will be another game changer for Tesla for sure.

"Telsa has continuously set the bar for other manufactures to follow. Nissan had a chance to take the lead in the EV market since they had the number one selling EV in the world but didn't come out with the extended range drivers longed for. By not acting they let Tesla's model 3 suck up all the oxygen within the category. By selling 400,000 cars in only 2 weeks showed that the market was there for the taking. Thus, Tesla leads, others follow. How many Tesla Pickups will be sold? Tough to tell however if history is our guide then if I was Ford, I'd be nervous. At this point, if Tesla makes just an Electric El Camino, I'd say Ford is safe but if they beat expectations, then the Ford should take notice and stop playing "me too" and lead for a change," writes Douglas to TorqueNews. For the record, Stansfield is a Tesla shareholder.

Tesla Pickup Concept Cons

On the other hand, people who are skeptic about electric pickup trucks think it won't sell. Their reasoning is that Americans too caught up on looks. Especially the macho truck market. Some truck buyers perhaps aren't ready to the futuristic look of a Tesla truck.

My personal opinion is that if Tesla unveils an electric truck concept that appeals with price, range and look, it will have a huge waiting list just like Model 3. What do you think?

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Reference: Carlslane

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