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Tesla Need To Support Aptera To Make Affordable Cars as Cybertrucks Didn't Change The Narrative

The narrative around the Cybertruck recall and robotaxis shows Tesla should focus on building an affordable car for the urban population who can use it for their short commutes for a fraction of their income. Tesla can support Aptera for this purpose.

By now you probably have heard that  Tesla has recalled Cybertruck due to a defective accelerator pedal and in the process, the automaker confirmed having delivered at least 3,800 deliveries. I don't know if Tesla is going in the right direction. It should support Aptera instead, to develop affordable cars that a guy who washes the dishes in a local restaurant and commute is only 3-5 miles away, can afford. Look for my point and explanation in a moment.

Before I proceed with my point, let me also inform you that Tesla resumed the Cybertruck deliveries this morning after placing a single rivet on the loose Cybertruck accelerator pedal that can leave the truck stuck at 100% power.

Many people are focusing on the fact that by now they already know how many Cybertrucks Tesla has made from November up until now. It's not a big number anyway, but I say this with consideration of how difficult it is to start a car production of a new model.

Anyway, my point is different. I have a tip for Tesla and carmakers in general. 

Tesla and other carmakers should know that fewer and fewer young people are buying cars because these days cars are too expensive. Insurance is too high, fuel costs are too high. So my advice for Tesla is this: build a vehicle that young people who might very well have a restaurant job washing dishes can afford. Outsource an .8 literish gasoline engine if you are an ICE car producer: kind of a motorcycle-type engine that can do well at 'in-town speeds up to 55mph. If you are a gas car maker, then make an affordable 35-40 MPG vehicle, that would mean a person working three miles from home could get back and forth to work for a small percentage of their income. Or keep making 50-60-70-150K expensive cars for the fast shrinking number of buyers.

I would recommend Tesla or another smart carmaker what they should really do is support Aptera. Aptera has a solar-powered car. Build on it, and make it more affordable in the range of $15,000-$20,000 price. Plus if you use it for only short commutes in town you never have to charge it.

So, All Cybertrucks are recalled. And Tesla's move from an affordable car to robotaxis has made some analysts more pessimistic about the company. And the Cybertruck has done little to change that narrative. The futuristic-looking vehicle has generated plenty of buzz but also scrutiny over everything from its safety and reliability to its sharp edges and reports of rust spots on its stainless steel body.

Now let me hear from you guys. What do you think of Tesla reshifting its focus and concentrating on making affordable cars that many people can buy for a fraction of their yearly income? Click on the Add New Comment red link below. See you tomorrow for my latest Tesla Report.


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