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Tesla Model X Doing Amazing In The Thick Heavy Snow

How is your Tesla Model X doing these days in this unbelievable cold temperature? Do you your auto wipers work great in the snow? Peter Doggart from Boston shared his story with TorqueNews showing the video Tweet of our his Tesla Model X did in the heavy snow.

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Off the back of driving home in my Model X 90D from Wisconsin in subzero temps and snow, we found ourselves in another major blizzard today at our home in Boston.

After my workout at the local gym, the instructors were pretty much stranded as no taxi or Ubers were operating. So, I offered to give them a ride home in the Tesla, knowing that the Model X did pretty well in the snow. At this point, the snow was blowing sideways 2”+ per hour and in places 12”+ on the road. Nasty conditions.

I turned on Chill mode, enabled slip start and cranked up the air suspension to Very High. Drove straight out of the garage and set off on a 4 mile trip.

The Tesla performed incredibly well in the thick heavy snow. One of my passengers sitting in the rear seat who was a Tesla virgin noted "I cant believe we’re driving in a snow storm, it’s so quiet and smooth."

We passed several cars, trucks, buses and yes a plough that was stuck in the snow and my Model X simply passed without issue.

The ride height combined with the slip start and gentle acceleration of Chill mode seemed to work a treat. No slip, no traction problems and zero issues driving over snow banks - what a car. My old Porsche Cayenne would have slid off the road!

Oh yes, and the new auto wipers worked perfectly. Set on position 2, the neural net did a great job of detecting water/fluid on the windshield and kept the glass clear without distraction.

For Tesla Model X owners, this car simply rocks in the snow. The gross weight and electric drive train is simply amazing leaving other cars and trucks in the dust (or snow) in this case. Here is the picture of my Model X.

Black Tesla Model X

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