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Tesla Is Making a Big Change in EU Supercharging: France to See a New Peak Hour Rate

We just learned that Tesla is lowering prices at the supercharger network in EU. According to Automobile Propre, in France the new price is 0.39/KWh during peak hrs, 0.35/KWh out of peak hrs.

Tesla is making waves in the European electric car market, announcing a massive price decrease for their popular Supercharger network in the EU. According to French news source Automobile Propre, the new prices in France will be 0.39/KWh during peak hours, and 0.35/KWh out of peak hours, representing a huge savings for electric car drivers in the region.

Rain of good news from Tesla. Last Friday, the brand caused a stir by dropping the price of its Model 3 and Model Y sharply, the sedan now starting at €39,990 taking into account the bonus. The Model Y SUV also benefits from the bonus, and thus starts at 41,990 €.

That's not all. The brand has also just lowered the prices applied to Superchargers. Those who already drive a Tesla will say to themselves “another change”. Because for the past few months, Tesla has been changing the prices on its fast charging stations almost weekly. The brand thus follows the courses of electricity.

Hence a lot of of a yo-yo. After surging in September and October, prices had plunged by the end of November. Before increasing again in December. But they have been falling again in recent weeks, and are returning to interesting levels in the fast charging environment.

The announcement has been met with excitement from electric car drivers in the region, who have long been paying higher prices for Supercharging than those in other parts of the world. This move is part of Tesla's commitment to making electric cars more accessible and affordable to people around the world. In fact there is more good news about Tesla superchargers and the sun dawning on them.

The lower prices are expected to have a significant impact on electric car adoption in the region, as it will make charging more affordable and convenient for drivers. It's also expected to benefit Tesla owners, as they will be able to save money on their charging costs.

Tesla's Supercharger network is one of the most extensive in the world, with over 19,000 Superchargers located around the globe. The network is also growing rapidly, with new locations being added every month. This latest move from Tesla is sure to make their Superchargers even more popular with electric car drivers in Europe.

Tesla's move to lower prices in the EU is just the latest example of the company's commitment to making electric cars more accessible and affordable for everyone. With more people now able to afford electric cars, it's likely that we'll see a surge in electric car adoption in the region in the coming years.

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