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Tesla Announces Investor Date, Promising a Discussion on Gen 3 Platform

Mark your calendars for Tesla’s Investor Day. Just about an hour ago Tesla announced a set date for hosting an Investor Day and gave short insight into what it will reveal to investors. It's a lot of information in a short paragraph.

If you are not a Tesla investor, don't worry as you can still watch and follow Tesla's Investor Day. Tesla says "The event will be live streamed from our Gigafactory Texas, with option for our institutional & retail investors to attend in person. What's really exciting is that in this event Tesla is going to reveal its long term expansion plans, and show its next generation platforms. I think Tesla may unveil its affordable electric vehicle on the Investor Day, which Tesla says will take place on March 1, 2023.

So Tesla announced that "We plan to host Tesla's 2023 Investor Day on March 1, 2023. The event will be live streamed from our Gigafactory Texas, with the option for some of our institutional and retail investors to attend in person. Our investors will be able to see our most advanced production line as well as discuss long term expansion plans, generation 3 platform, capital allocation and other subjects with our leadership team.

Tesla is it will show and discuss 4 major things at the Investor Day.

1st, it will show the most advanced production line. I am sure it's going to show the most advance production line of Giga Texas. Possibly this will be the production line of Cybertruck.

2nd. Tesla says it will discuss long term expansion plans. I think in this section Tesla will discuss how many gigafactories it wants to have in the long term, and perhaps reveal the location of its next gigafactory, unless Tesla does it before March 1.

3rd, Tesla says it will discuss the generation 3 platform. This means Tesla is going to talk about its next vehicle platforms, which may possibly include its next upcoming affordable vehicle and Tesla will show how it plans to cut costs.

4th, Tesla says it will discuss capital allocation and other subjects with the leadership team, which is pretty standard for investors who invest their money in Tesla.

The most interesting thing for me here is what Tesla will unveil in terms of a new vehicle, the 3rd generation platform and long term plans of its gigafactories. What do you think? Do you think Tesla will unveil the location of its next Gigafactory and show its new affordable Tesla vehicle? Is anyone watching this video going? Let me know please in the comments section below.

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