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Russia Plans Special Driving School for Sochi 2014 Transporters

The Transport Directorate of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games plans to open a special driving school to prepare 8500 drivers to work on Olympic routes in Sochi.

The authorities made the statement about the special driving school last Wednesday. It came after the working meeting between President Medvedev and Russia's Transport minister Igor Levitin. Ministers in Russia are referred to the heads of the government departments.

"Transportation is important for any Olympic Games," the president said. He also supported the new idea of the Ministry of Transportation to have a single ticket for the Sochi 2014 guests and the participants of the Olympic Games.

Those who come to Sochi for one day will have a ticket for only one day. The information is stitched on a chip and a badge, which all the Olympic visitors and participants will receive. They can virtually use any kind of transport to move in and around the city.

The government will also purchase 1,100 buses and 2,200 cars to serve the city during the Olympic Games. The special driving school will train high quality drivers who will be licensed to transport the guests and the participants during the Olympic games in Sochi.

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