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Rumor Says Tesla May Have Completed 1st Round of Indonesia Battery Talks Involving Panasonic

A credible rumor says Tesla has completed its first round of talks with local government officials in Indonesia to possibly build a 4680 battery cell factory in Indonesia involving Panasonic.

Twitter user, Sawyer Merritt who has been providing credible information on Tesla, writes, "RUMOR: A source of mine has told me Tesla has completed its first round of talks with local government officials in Indonesia. A potential joint venture involving Panasonic is being discussed."

Then he suggests to take these kinds of things with a grain of salt.

If things go well, Tesla may build a battery cell plant in Indonesia making its 4680 cells, which the electric car maker introduced during the Battery Day in September of 2020.

Here are some comments from Twitter on Tesla Indonesia battery factory talks.

"Indonesia needs Tesla more than you think. The air Pollution in Indonesia is Toxic. This is good for both," says Zion D.

This is great for more 4680 batteries and also the growth in 2021, writes the user Electric Invest, adding, "It’s very possible that they did. Tesla really needs this supply and negotiations take time so if it’s not with Indonesia, then who else? Time is of the essence here."

Other users, like S.B, says, they are not surprised. "In all reality Tesla must grow. This wouldn’t surprise me. Especially in countries that really could benefit from skipping the whole pollute your environment and degrade it with fossil fuels. Skip straight to sustainability. Saves a whole heck of a lot of capital," he says.

Overall, the user Jay presents it like this: Panasonic builds a cathode plant in Indonesia. Tesla helps with funding. Plus, Tesla provides 4680 design. And this entire venture equals service Shanghai. What do you think?

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