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MotoGP should use a BMW bike with a sidecar for the safety vehicle

BMW is once again supplying the official safety vehicle for the 2014 MotoGP series. A 2014 BMW M4 Coupe especially prepared for the task will handle the on-track safety duties. In a press release, BMW M said it is proud to be part of this success story for the 16th season running. Since 1999, we have been the “Official Car of MotoGP”, helping keep the racetracks of the Motor Cycling World Championship safe all over the world.

BMW provides safety vehicle for MotoGP

Just in case you have been totally fixed on four-wheelers, be advised that MotoGP is the Formula One Grand Prix of motorcycle racing with road race events conducted around the world. The tour is a series of 19 races with two stops in the U.S. MotoGP is at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX on 13th of April and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on 10th of August. The season gets underway on the 23rd of March in Qatar and finishes on the 9th of November in Valencia. More info is available at

The Safety Car leads the riders on the sighting lap, during which the Safety Car driver inspects the state of the track one final time before the race commences, checking that it is clear of oil, fuel or other debris and is in constant communication with Race Direction should anything require their attention.

Once the sighting lap is complete the Safety Car takes its place at the back of the grid and follows the riders round on the first lap of the race, closely observing the scene ahead, as it is on lap one when closely grouped riders are logically most likely to collide with each other.

Once the first lap has been completed the Safety Car will only reappear if there is an interruption to the race caused by a crash or rain, in which case the riders will also see the relevant safety signals around the circuit. The riders are also aware that if they see the Safety Car on track other than on lap one, they must proceed with caution and not overtake.

Written by Mike Edgerton