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LA Auto Show Compresses 70-hour Move in 2 Minutes

The organizers of the Los Angeles Auto Show have put together a 2 minute video clip that compresses the cleanup of cars from the Convention Center, which took 70 hours to complete.

Los Angeles convention center, like any major-city convention center in the world, is huge. It takes at least 20 minutes if not half an hour to walk from one exhibit hall to the end of the other. Imagine how many cars can fit in such a big space. It has 10 halls.

The LA Auto Show run from Nov. 18 to 27 with an increasing number of vehicles making their world and North American debuts.

When the author of this story was at the show, during the press days, the setting was changing hour by hour as automakers were redesigning their booths. Removing all those cars and dismantling everything took 70 hours. This is nearly three full days.

The halls are all clear in 70 hours after the show closed its door to the public.

Here is how that lapse of time can be seen in 2 minutes. This video shows the West Hall being cleared after the the auto show closed its doors to the public.